Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 11-10-12

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News articles:

Girls Gone Hyper

Yahoo News
Man Jailed for 1962 Murders Freed
Dead candidates win elections in Florida, Alabama
Truck hauling chicken burns in town of Chili, NY

Mobility Is a Problem; Now What?

Role Reboot

Why I'm All For The End Of Marriage
Is It So Wrong To Prefer Dating People Of A Specific Ethnicity?
Why I'm Resistant To All Things Pink In October

UK Sun
Starbucks roasted over free hardcore porn wi-fi

UK Daily Mail
Miss Nevada beauty queen gets to keep her crown despite posting raunchy photo with porn star Ron Jeremy
The first Fifty Shades divorce: High-flyer splits from husband who refused to spice up their love life with THAT book
Gay sperm donor must pay out for daughters he barely knows

UK Guardian
The sex issue: Is monogamy dead?
Experience: My bra saved my life

XO Jane
I think my English major might be worthless and I'm scared y'all.

Love Honor & Vacum
How To Avoid Poverty

NY Times
Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

14-year-old 'Modern Family' star removed from home amid abuse allegations

Nigeria Daily Post
Six women rape man to death in Benue State

Salt Lake Tribune
Ogden teacher arrested, charged with sexual exploitation of a minor

The Legal Satyricon
It isn’t Condoms that will drive the porn industry to Nevada
Randazza Legal Group: The Case for Relocating Porn Production to Las Vegas

Bad Jocks
Source Says Disgraced Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones to Get Reality Show


The Rational Male
System Failure
The Fade Away
Balancing Sexual Pluralism

Chateau Heartiste
Why Single White Women Vote Overwhelmingly For Democrats
Comment Of The Week: The Parable Of The Gift And The Ass
What Is The Point Of Telling Ugly Truths?

12 Things Wrong With America
42 Things Wrong With American Women
The Manipulated Man

Bold And Determined
32 Things Every Man Should Do
How To Build a Classic Physique the Tried and True Way
How to Get Big Naturally: Building Muscle, Gaining Size, and Wetting Panties

Baby mama drama
Debasing marriage
Why a woman’s age at time of marriage matters, and what this tells us about the apex fallacy

Hawaiian Libertarian
Beyond the Breaking Point
Here Come the Bastards

Captain No Marriage
S*** Married Guys NEVER Say!
Delusional F***ing B****es

Matt Forney
Military Wives Aren’t Just Cheating Whores, They’re Stupid Cheating Whores
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
One of the Godfathers of the Manosphere Has Returned

The Spearhead
Petraeus Homewrecker, Career-Killer Strong, Independent Woman
Adding Insult to Injury
Nice Guys and the Perils of Ovulation

3rd Millenium Men
Manosphere: Advice For Women On How To Keep A Man (or how not to get Pumped and Dumped)
A Man who was Rated 12 out of 10… And things he did that you can too!
Manosphere: Attraction, Desire and Love (Part 2)
Manosphere: Attraction, Desire and Love (Part 1)

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