Thursday, September 23, 2010

KFC Pays For Ad Space On College Girls Buns, NOW Girls Howl

The latest Gender War Target. (HT GosuBlogger)

In an effort to boost lagging US sales, KFC has launched a unique campaign. From USA Today:

"The promo comes as KFC is in the doldrums domestically. The world's largest chicken chain's U.S. same-store sales fell 7% in the second quarter. Nearly all its growth now is in international expansion.

Last week, the chain confessed that more than six in 10 Americans ages 18 to 25 — the chain's key demographic — couldn't identify who Colonel Sanders was in the KFC logo.

Now, it's turning to cute women parading around campus with "Double Down" emblazoned across their fannies.

The nation's largest women's group doesn't like it one bit. "It's so obnoxious to once again be using women's bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products," says Terry O'Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. What's more, she says, KFC has forgotten something important: Women make more than half the decisions about what to eat for dinner."

Using women's bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products? Like PETA and their racy Suber Bowl ads? Furthermore, Women may make more than half the dinner decisions (love to know where they came up with that figure), but they don't make all of the decisions. Did you know that sometimes women defer those decisions to men? That alone makes the feminarcissists heads explode. All that aside, here's one key fact:

"As of Tuesday afternoon, KFC had received no complaints about the campaign, KFC spokesman Rick Maynard says. "We've taken a page out of the book of some apparel companies and sororities who have promoted in this way for years," Maynard says."

Abercrombie is the first one that comes to mind. Girls have been wearing letting on their backsides for years now. The girls in this promotion have taken it a step further and are getting paid to do it out of their own free will. Newsflash: NOW doesn't represent all women, and I'm so glad.

Background Intel:

USA Today: KFC pays college women for ad space on buns

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Indiana Mom Locks Kids In Closet Resulting In Two Deaths

Mother of the year candidate. (HT Fox News)

Pictured above is Edyan Farah. She was charged with two preliminary counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in death. She remained jailed on a $200,000 bond.

She "told officers she "was not in her right mind" when she allegedly put her five children in an upstairs closet about 6 a.m. Sunday and placed a large bed in front of the door so they couldn't get out."

That's putting it mildly. So much for caring and nurturing. Put her under the Jail. No parople either.

Background Intel:

FoxNews: Police: Indiana Mom Locked Kids in Closet for 10 Hours, Returned to Find 2 Dead

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Rudov Files Vol II

Marc Rudov has penned another eye opening post. People say they want equality, but do they act like they want equality? The answers may surprise you.

Background Intel: Equaliphobia and the Gender War

MA Man Beats Kiddie Porn Rap

He beat the rap. (HT Boston Herald)

Pictured Above is Michael Fiola and his wife Robin. He had Child porn charges against him dropped after investigator couldn't prove that he downloaded the images. According to the Boston Herald, “The overall forensics of the laptop suggest that it had been compromised by a virus,” said Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley."

Just goes to show that you have to keep your security up to date because there are people out there who want to do malicious things and let you take the blame for it.

Background Intel:

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Husband Killing

The Weapon of choice. (HT Car and

Earlier this week April Chavez-Holmes was jailed after intentionally running over and killing her husband. According to Houston police, "She backed up over him and run him over, then pulled forward and backed over him again." I'm sure if the genders were reversed, this would gain national attention.

Background Intel:

KHOU: Detectives: Wife intentionally runs over, kills husband after argument

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Britney Spears Sued For Sexual Harassment

Showing off during happier times. (HT

Once again, Britney Spears is having a run-in with Johnny Law. This time in the fourm of a Sexual Harassment suit from her bodyguard. From

"According to the suit, Fernando Flores claims Britney made "repeated unwanted sexual advances" toward him by exposing herself in front of him in her home.

Flores alleges, on one occasion -- in a scene right out of "Legally Blonde" -- "She was wearing a white lace, see-through dress. She walked over close by [Flores], intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed her uncovered genitals to [Flores]." The lawsuit goes on, "The incident caused [Flores] shock and disgust."

The suit then goes on to describe another alleged instance where Britney summoned Flores to her room, where she was standing naked. The suit claims, "After an awkward silence during which [Britney] just stood naked before [Flores], [Flores] asked Spears if she needed anything. After some hesitation, Spears asked [Flores] to get her two bottles of 7 Up."

One time after allegedly exposing herself, the suit claims Britney said, "You know you liked it."

I only have one request: Somebody please find Brit a man!

Background Intel: Britney Spears Suit Claims Sexual Harassment, Abuse Copy of Lawsuit

Bride Fakes Cancer For Free Wedding & Honeymoon

The things one does for a dream. (HT MSNBC)

Pictured above in the wedding dress is Jessica Vega. She's accused of faking cancer to get a dream wedding and honeymoon. Her husband is in the process of divorcing her, and pursuing full custody of their 1 year old daughter. I won't say she's the lowest, but she's totally in my top five.

Background Intel:

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New Zeland Reconizes That Woman Abuse Children

A Victory for Veritas. (HT Exposing Feminism)

Looks like folks outside the US are finding out bad girls exist. From

"However, statistics indicate that female child abusers not only exist, but in numbers approaching those of males. In New Zealand, 48 per cent of child abusers for 2006, where the perpetrator gender was known, were women. In the USA in 2002 63 per cent of all child abuse, from neglect to sexual abuse, was perpetrated by the mother. In 40 per cent of cases the mother acted alone.

A 2005 study by the New Zealand Department of Corrections says that violent and sexual offending by women “has been avoided or neglected because it challenges fundamental beliefs about women as nurturers, protectors and as victims of violence”.

However, Clearwater notes that there has been a significant shift since MSSAT started in 1995. Clearwater comments: “Abuse at the hands of a woman is not the dirty little secret it used to be. I can now sit in a room of women working for Rape Crisis and talk about male victims. I've also noticed that the language has changed. Perpetrators as well as victims are now referred to as he\she in new editions of books about sexual abuse, whereas before there was always the assumption the perpetrator was male and the victim female.”

At this point I can only hope that abusers, regardless of gender are stopped and held accountable for their actions. In addition that the victims get the help they need before the cycle repeats itself.

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