Sunday, April 10, 2011

More MissBehavior: Mom Strangles Teenage Daughter At College

Pictured above is Stacy Pagli. She was sentenced to 20 ye for strangling her daughter to death on a college campus. She pleaded guilty to the crime, but not before making multiple attempts to commit suicide.

It's just sad to see how something like this could escalate to that level.

Background Intel:

CBS News: Stacy Pagli strangled daughter on N.Y. college campus, gets 20 years in prison
UK Daily Mail: 'She pushed my last button': Mother pleads guilty to strangling her teen daughter to death on college campus

Teen MissBehavior: Acid Attack

A fine example of youth, right?? (HT NY Post)

Pictured above is Zhanna Smsarian. She was arrested for committing an acid attack against a classmate. She admitted her crime to the cops, that "she wanted to burn the victim's eyes out and saying she got what she deserved."

Her target knew something was going down. From the NY Post:

"During [the class before chemistry, Smsarian] was staring at me and giving me an evil grin," Eshimbaeva said. "That made me uncomfortable - somehow I knew something was gonna happen."

When the two went to chemistry class, Eshimbaeva said that Smsarian was getting more aggressive and even stole her assigned seat.

But Eshimbaeva was unfazed - until class ended.

"She was standing behind me - I felt it," Eshimbaeva said. "I felt something was coming. All of a sudden I feel liquid flowing down my forehead. I thought it was water, until I turned and saw the beaker in her hand tha had the acid label. Then my skin started burning."

"She should be brought to justice," Eshimbaeva said."

Bottom line: Girls are vicious towards each other and school boards will probably consider if they should continue to have chemistry class.

Background Intel:

NY Post: Brooklyn high school girl attacked classmate with acid: cops

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Administrator Fired As Her Past In Porn Is Revealed

Another one gone. (HT CNews Canada)

Consider this the Canadian version of the post School Teacher Resigns After Her Past Catches Up With Her .

Pictured above is Samantha Ardente. She was recently removed from her administrator post by a Quebec school board because she was outed on her porn star past. Here's more from CNews:

"The scandal began last month when a 14-year-old student learned the clerical worker's secret after watching one of her movies. He asked her for an autograph and she refused. The boy then created a Facebook page under her name and uploaded a racy profile picture of the woman in her underwear. The boy was later suspended, as was Ardente.

She told QMI Agency she agreed to stop making porn films to keep her job, and that she was even prepared to transfer to another location. But she said talks broke down over a demand she make unspecified changes to her personal life.

"There are some things that I could not accept," she said. "I promised not make (porn), but it was not enough for them.

"I always separated my personal and professional life. I will appeal this decision."

Ardente worked at the school for nine years. The office clerk plans to find a new job, and also expressed regrets about her porn career.

"I misjudged the consequences," she said. "I did not expect the media scandal. I regret this for sure."

I give her credit for not having any affairs with students as so many other women have done. However, the fact remains that school boards are very skittish when it comes to people who have a background in porn working for them. They won't risk the controversy, or the potential lawsuits.

Background Intel:

CNews Canada: Ex-porn star who worked at high school fired

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Not To Discuss On Facebook

The post that costs. (HT UK Daily Mail)

Pictured above is Stephanie Bon. She made her feeling known on Facebook that she wasn't happy about her CEO's salary. That decision got her canned.

People talk, no doubt. However, in this day and age, you have people trolling for stuff like that and if your employers find out, can lead to you getting pink slipped. They can say you're a "troublemaker" that creates a "negative, hostile working environment". I've seen it happen.

Background Intel:

Aussie News: Stephanie Bon fired for sarcastic Facebook post on Lloyds TSB CEO's £4000-an-hour salary

UK Daily Mail: Bank worker fired for Facebook post comparing her £7-an-hour wage to Lloyds boss's £4,000-an-hour salary