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Saturday Evening Linkage 12-22-12

Holiday Ginger. (

News articles:

The Smoking Gun
U.S. Olympian's Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

Yahoo News
Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito Shares Holiday Tips for Healthy Eating
"How I Saved Over $300 a Month"
Tiny House, Big Freedom

Washington Post
Dark world of prostitution turns to the day
In Newtown, Nancy Lanza a subject of sympathy for some, anger for others

Role Reboot

Why Does TV Love To Portray Dads As Idiots?
60 May Be The New 40, But Not On The Dating Scene
The World Is A Frightening Place To Raise A Child

UK Sun
Jodie Marsh: I’ve had threesomes, I’ve had orgies... I need someone who can match up!

UK Daily Mail
Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop... and 'using the SAME gloves on both'
Newlywed high school teacher, 25, 'had sex with student, 17, at Ramada Inn and in her car just two months after getting married
Newlywed teacher and cheerleading coach, 29, 'had sex with an underage student'

UK Guardian
Snake eggs found by Australian toddler hatch in his wardrobe
Exclusive: Corrupt Apple Store Employees Come Forward Across America

UK Independent
How sex work has replaced a bar job for students who struggle to bills, loans and university fees

And That's Why You're Single
Dear Single Ladies…Stop Being So Difficult
Is Curvy the new overweight?

Return of Kings
The Perfect Woman: Hair
The Perfect Woman: Lips
The Perfect Woman: Heels

Love (Tri)angle

CBS Chicago
CTA Bus Driver Passes Out, Crashes Into 20 Parked Cars

NBC Bay Area
From Child Sex Slave to Activist: Berkeley Woman Breaks Chains of Human Trafficking

India Realtime
A First Look at India’s Playboy Bunny

XO Jane
My First Resolution: Be More Vain


The Rational Male
First Man Awake
The Epiphany Phase
I Have a Secret

Chateau Heartiste
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Hamster
The Alpha Male Gifts That Women Love
Persistence: The Underrated Alpha Male Quality

The Decline Of American Women
Black Men Who Date White Women
7 Ways Feminism Is Destroying American Women

Bold And Determined
How I Kicked Dirt into a Feminist’s Face
The #1 Way To Get What You Want

Not Glad Tidings for Post Marital Spinsters.
More grim news for carousellers hoping to jump at the last minute.

Hawaiian Libertarian
Thoughts on Gun Control by Dead White Men
Be Prepared

Captain No Marriage
Comments and Sh**
Single Mothers
LeBron James needs to Avoid Marriage or share the same fate as Kobe and Jordan

Matt Forney
Not Accepting Blame
The Eden’s Thaw Christmas Gift Guide

The Spearhead
Is Prostitution Really about Exploitation?
The Truth about Older Women and Younger Men
How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

3rd Millenium Men
Top 10 Posts for Single Women
Manosphere: Virginity vs Sluttery (Part 2)

Outcast Superstar
Trying to Figure Out Why Men Aren't Manning Up and Getting Married
Why Some Men Prefer to Visit Prostitutes Over Having a Girlfriend or Wife
Poison Posse

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Naughty Teachers Files Vol. XIII - NFL Cheerleader Edition

Just because I haven't posted on this topic in awhile doesn't mean female teachers have stopped doing it. (HT

Some things havent changed, but this comes with a twist: A Teacher/ex-NFL Cheerleader Captain combo.

Pitcured above is Sarah Jones. She has pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and custodial interference. More from Fox Sports:

"In accepting the plea agreement, Judge Patricia Summe granted prosecutors' recommendation to sentence Jones to five years of diversion (probation) but no jail time, and she won't have to register as a sex offender. The diversion requires Jones to report to a probation officer and undergo drug tests."

Kicker #1 (HT

"she left the courtroom with her now 18-year-old “victim,” whose lack of cooperation with the investigation led to her light punishment."

Kicker #2 (HT

"Jones, 27, said it was "absolutely wrong" for her to have a relationship with a student, but maintained that she and her boyfriend are moving on in their lives together.

"We made a poor choice together," Jones told "Dateline". "But that doesn't mean that we can't find happiness at the end of the day. And we will.

"He's wonderful, and I absolutely adore everything because even if he has flaws, I adore them."

Kicker #3 (HT

"Sarah Jones had to postpone a $11-million defamation lawsuit filed in 2009 against gossip site The Dirty to face criminal charges for allegedly having sex with a teenage student in her English class. Now that the criminal case is out of the way, her civil case is back on."

Kicker #4 (HT UK Daily Mail)

"The Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who carried out a sordid affair with one of her 17-year-old high school students is set to get her own reality TV show.

Sarah Jones, 27, has been accused of 'cashing in on her crime' after the creators of Jersey Shore, 495 Productions, reportedly approached the Kentucky woman about the program.

The show will centre around Ms. Jones and presumably Cody York, her much younger boyfriend, whom she recently admitted to having sex with when he was a minor, after vehemently denying it."

This is basically Mary Kay Laternoeau without the jail time. So she cheats on her husband, gets probation without having to register as a sex offender, and is in line to get paid through the court system along with a reality TV show. I ask you, could this have happened if the genders in this case were reversed??

Background Intel: Sarah Jones Sarah Jones, ex-Bengals cheerleader, adores her teen boyfriend
Fox Sports: Ex-NFL cheerleader pleads guilty
UK Daily Mail: Bengals cheerleader who had an affair with 17-year-old student to star in REALITY TV show - from the makers of Jersey Shore
Bleacher Report: Former Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Reportedly in Line for Reality TV Deal

Men Are Going Galt

A prophetic book. (HT Life on Dover Beach)

This will be the introduction to a series of posts with the same above title.

I certain that by now you've heard of the term Men Going Their Own Way, MGTOW for short. One definition is that men have left the dating and marriage markets to pursue their own passions. I prefer the term inspired by the Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged, Going Galt. Going Galt could be defined as leaving the culture and civilization that produced it behind and not looking back.

The purpose here is to shed some light as to why the trend is occuring. In other words, What are men of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrouns going Galt on?

Some answers include:

Women (American in my case)
(Gender) Feminism
Dating & Relationships
Society at Large (Pop Culture)

Men in greater numbers are no longer participating in a society that rejects them, disrespects them, discriminates against them, and freely strips them of their time and labor. More on this in the coming days.

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Saturday Evening Linkage 11-17-12

Life's a Beach. (HT

News articles:

Yahoo News
How Hungry Girl shed the pounds without guilt
Will Hostess Join These 10 Beloved Brands Gone Forever?
Women describe circumstances that led to abortion

Danger and Play
Should You Disown Your Family?

Role Reboot
Why I'm Jealous Of All My Friends Who Are Getting Married
Mandatory Monogamy Doesn't Work
I Gave Condoms To My Kids And Their Friends And No One Ever Got Pregnant

UK Sun
Porn again Christian

UK Daily Mail
Fury of son, 10, at 'evil' middle-class mother who shaved his head, put him in a wheelchair and said he had cancer so she could pocket £85,000 benefits
Sex on the first date? No thanks, say MEN: Women are now happier to jump into bed with a new partner than men are
WNBA star 'who shot at ex-girlfriend's car and smashed it with a baseball bat has a history of depression and suicide attempts'

UK Guardian
Lucy Mangan: the NHS, a cautionary tale

Good Reads
Quote By Milton Friedman

XO Jane
It Happened To Me: I Dropped Out Of High School And Got Married At 17

And That's Why You're Single
READER RANT: What Do You Mean Women Over 35 Should Settle?
Where Are All The Rich Well-Educated Men?

Return of Kings
What A Girl’s Haircut Says About Her

PJ Media
Manning Up or Wimping Out: Men Don’t Exist to Serve Women’s Desires

CBS News
Cops: Ariz. woman runs over husband for not voting

NBC Chicago
Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business, CEO Blames Union Strike

Menz Issues
Jobs for the Girls
Atlantic Coast High School teacher arrested for having sex with student
Teacher from Port St. Lucie accused of having sex with 16-year-old boy


The Rational Male
Glitches in the Matrix
Case Study – Inspire Her

Chateau Heartiste
Petraeus And The Infidelity Risk Curve
Comment Of The Week: The Dark Triad In Practice
Marriage Is No Escape From The Sexual Market

Two Types Of Night Game To Run On American Girls
7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self
The United States Of Broken Women

Bold And Determined
Serge Nubret’s Old School Workout Routine
Live Like a Spartan

Hussygate, a manosphere special
If Mark Driscoll weren’t so foolish he would be wise

Hawaiian Libertarian
The Path to Mastery
On the Juice

Captain No Marriage
S*** Married Guys NEVER Say!
Single Mothers

Matt Forney
Military Wives Aren’t Just Cheating Whores, They’re Stupid Cheating Whores
The Decisions of Modern Women

The Spearhead
The Missing Ingredient to Women’s Happiness
David Brooks: Reversing Decline of Family Requires More Government Intervention
The Great P***y Purge of 2012

3rd Millenium Men
Top 10 Posts For Single Women
Receiving Love and Hate From Women and Men
How Women Should Act in Dating

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Saturday Evening Linkage 11-10-12

Reclining. (HT

News articles:

Girls Gone Hyper

Yahoo News
Man Jailed for 1962 Murders Freed
Dead candidates win elections in Florida, Alabama
Truck hauling chicken burns in town of Chili, NY

Mobility Is a Problem; Now What?

Role Reboot

Why I'm All For The End Of Marriage
Is It So Wrong To Prefer Dating People Of A Specific Ethnicity?
Why I'm Resistant To All Things Pink In October

UK Sun
Starbucks roasted over free hardcore porn wi-fi

UK Daily Mail
Miss Nevada beauty queen gets to keep her crown despite posting raunchy photo with porn star Ron Jeremy
The first Fifty Shades divorce: High-flyer splits from husband who refused to spice up their love life with THAT book
Gay sperm donor must pay out for daughters he barely knows

UK Guardian
The sex issue: Is monogamy dead?
Experience: My bra saved my life

XO Jane
I think my English major might be worthless and I'm scared y'all.

Love Honor & Vacum
How To Avoid Poverty

NY Times
Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

14-year-old 'Modern Family' star removed from home amid abuse allegations

Nigeria Daily Post
Six women rape man to death in Benue State

Salt Lake Tribune
Ogden teacher arrested, charged with sexual exploitation of a minor

The Legal Satyricon
It isn’t Condoms that will drive the porn industry to Nevada
Randazza Legal Group: The Case for Relocating Porn Production to Las Vegas

Bad Jocks
Source Says Disgraced Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones to Get Reality Show


The Rational Male
System Failure
The Fade Away
Balancing Sexual Pluralism

Chateau Heartiste
Why Single White Women Vote Overwhelmingly For Democrats
Comment Of The Week: The Parable Of The Gift And The Ass
What Is The Point Of Telling Ugly Truths?

12 Things Wrong With America
42 Things Wrong With American Women
The Manipulated Man

Bold And Determined
32 Things Every Man Should Do
How To Build a Classic Physique the Tried and True Way
How to Get Big Naturally: Building Muscle, Gaining Size, and Wetting Panties

Baby mama drama
Debasing marriage
Why a woman’s age at time of marriage matters, and what this tells us about the apex fallacy

Hawaiian Libertarian
Beyond the Breaking Point
Here Come the Bastards

Captain No Marriage
S*** Married Guys NEVER Say!
Delusional F***ing B****es

Matt Forney
Military Wives Aren’t Just Cheating Whores, They’re Stupid Cheating Whores
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
One of the Godfathers of the Manosphere Has Returned

The Spearhead
Petraeus Homewrecker, Career-Killer Strong, Independent Woman
Adding Insult to Injury
Nice Guys and the Perils of Ovulation

3rd Millenium Men
Manosphere: Advice For Women On How To Keep A Man (or how not to get Pumped and Dumped)
A Man who was Rated 12 out of 10… And things he did that you can too!
Manosphere: Attraction, Desire and Love (Part 2)
Manosphere: Attraction, Desire and Love (Part 1)

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Saturday Evening Linkage 11-3-12

In the Chair. (HT

News articles:

Intentional By Grace
10 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Husband

Yahoo News
7 ways to get kicked off a plane
Parents Attack Daughter With Acid
'What can I do?': New Yorkers seek ways to help

Danger And Play
Top 10 Tips: How to Save Big Money on Men’s Fashion and Men’s Clothing

Role Reboot
What I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Married...Twice
Is Chivalry Sexist?
How One Couple Is Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse

UK Sun
Nurses at Priory ‘hit sick man’

UK Daily Mail
250 girls under 16 given bigger breasts on NHS at cost of £5,000 a time
Britain's most messed-up family: When Mark donated sperm to Mandy he claims he never promised to be Daddy - but now the couple are in a bitter legal battle over child support
A husband confesses: 'Seeing my wife give birth put me off sex for a YEAR!'
GP who said Marks & Spencer's 'overweight' real women are promoting obesity is utterly wrong, says MP Caroline Nokes

UK Guardian
Come inside: the world's biggest sperm bank
Stop calling Sandy a b***h: it was a storm, not a woman to hate

XO Jane
The Trouble With Being A Sugar Mama

Study: Men's Porn Habits Hurt Women's Self-Esteem

Charleston Gazette
Lawyer stripped of license for beating client with bat

The Smoking Gun
Woman, 29, Arrested After Being Spotted Masturbating Inside A Starbucks In Florida

Wisconsin State Journal
Man 'crazy in love,' broke into apartment for woman's bras, panties, complaint says

NY Daily News
Ooh, la la! Artist creates Louis Vuitton waffle iron

Daughter calls 911 on drunk Vernon mom

Bad Jocks
Blog: Mississippi State Freshman Cheerleader Has Already Appeared in Playboy – Taylor Corley


The Rational Male
The Fade Away
Mate Guarding
Case Study – Adam’s Lament
The Soul Mate Myth

Chateau Heartiste
The Necessity Of Relationship Game
How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself
Latest Baumeister Paper Supports CH Concept Of The Sexual Market

The Point Of Diminishing Return
Say Hello To My New Friend
Women Who Own iPhones Lose The Ability To Love

Bold And Determined
Live Like a Spartan : Intermittent Fasting
How to BE Without Remorse or Apologies
Obsession is the Only Thing That Counts

Baby mama drama
Is his wife abusive?
“The one” vs “my one and only”
Advice to a woman in her 30s looking to marry.

Hawaiian Libertarian
A Salute to Conventional Wisdom

Captain No Marriage
Avoid Marriage! Great Advice for Gays Too!!
Financial Hail Mary

Matt Forney
Georgia Democrats Want to Stop You from Getting a Vasectomy
Knowing the Path vs. Walking the Path
The Silent Majority of Abused, Dispossessed and Alienated Men
No Tears for Dead Sluts; or, Why I Have No Sympathy for Felicia Garcia

The Spearhead
After 25, Women Are Just Wasting Time
Feminism as Ideological Childishness
How Can Christians Avoid Divorce?

3rd Millenium Men
Setting the Scene and Cedo Nulli on How Girls Fuck Up – A Post For Women and Words of Advice on Dating (Part 1)
Flake on Girls Week (Men of the Manosphere Unite) & A Post For Women and Words of Advice on Dating (Part 2)
Personal Example of Women Being Great… And Where This All Ends – A Post For Women and Words of Advice on Dating (Part 3)

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Saturday Evening Linkage 10-27-12

Nymph, Tina, and The Woodland Goddess by Joseph Henry Lynch.(HT Testmag UK)

News articles:

NBC News
Private porn pics aren't private for long

Yahoo News
Jury told of efforts to save kids in day care fire
Nanny suspected of killing 2 kids in NY home
Prosecutor: Breakup upset missing Ariz. baby's mom

The Legal Satyricon
1) Zumba, 2) Prostitution, 3) Profit!

Role Reboot
Stop Telling Men To 'Act Like A Man'
How To Accidentally Raise A Feminist Daughter

UK Sun
Mum, 31, molested boys after drinking 'enough to knock out elephant’

UK Daily Mail
Brazilian student, 20, agrees to sell her virginity for $780,000 after putting it up for auction online
As a doctor I have to tell you that two of these models are too FAT to represent 'real women': Women wanting to see more 'wobbly bits' are promoting obesity, says this outspoken critic
You’ve read the book, bought the love eggs and now you can have your very own Fifty Shades contract as law firm with a sense of humour creates the Lovers’ Agreement
Eyes right! Army wives stage charge of the lightly dressed brigade... but could fundraising calendar girls be getting over-exposed?

UK Guardian
Dressing up for Halloween: a feminist's guide
New York Times blocked by China after report on wealth of Wen Jiabao's family

CBS Denver
Madonna Angers Denver Audience By Pretending To Shoot Guns Into Crowd

Tech News Daily
Why Teens and Adults Send X-Rated Texts

FOX News
Connecticut man can seek payment from 19-year-old child's real father, judge rules

The Scottish Sun
David Goodwillie: I’ll sue over rape lies

OK Trends
The Case For An Older Woman

National Institute of Justice
Who Perpetrates Teen Dating Violence?

Economics Job Market Rumors
Checkmate, feminists


The Rational Male
Time’s Up
Sex Debt
50 Shades of Emma

Chateau Heartiste
Hot Girl Wants Slut Advice
Viking Game In Female Porn
Men Can’t Be Friends With (Attractive) Women: The Science

13 Things I Don’t Like
What It’s Like To Opt Out Of TSA’s Body Scanners
Outcome Independence Leads To Failure

Bold And Determined
5 Must Read Books
32 Things Every Man Should Do
8 Reasons Every Man Should Lift Weights

Turnabout is fair play.
The normalization of the trashy single mother
How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state
Feminist territory marking, NFL style

Hawaiian Libertarian
Sink the Pink
Good Wife - Bad Wife

Captain No Marriage
Avoid Marriage Files: Don’t Be That Guy
Playboy Playmates are no Exception

Matt Forney
You Got Slut-Dropped!
Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote
Evidence That Feminists (and Liberals) Are Socially Retarded
How to Make Feminists Cry

The Spearhead
What Will It Take to Achieve Gender Equality?
Feminism’s Future: The Underclass
A Man Wants a Wife, Not a “Co-Worker”

3rd Millenium Men
It Is Possible – Attractiveness is a State of Mind
Manosphere: The Cold Hard Facts on Female Fertility and The Way Women (Should) Act Accordingly
Manosphere: The Importance of Marriage (And Why Substitutes Don’t Work!) (Part 1)