Thursday, March 17, 2011

Naughty Teachers Files Vol. X - The New Trier Tale

This one hits close to home. (HT UK Daily Mail)

Consider this the St. Patty's Day double feature of DHE. Pictured above is Daniela Rossman. She was removed from her position because of improper relations with a student. The UK Daily Mail provides more:

"A high school teacher has been fired after accusations of an 'inappropriate relationship' with a student.

German teacher Daniela Rossman was dismissed after board members of the New Trier High School near Chicago voted 6-0 to remove her following the accusations.

Nicole Dizon, New Trier director of communications, said: 'The reasons the board cited for dismissal were related to an inappropriate relationship with a student.'
On Tuesday, the school district confirmed that Daniela Rossmann had been suspended in what was described as a 'misconduct' allegation.

The suspension was announced in an email by district Superintendent Linda Yonke that was sent out to parents at the school.

School officials remained tight-lipped about the exact nature of the alleged inappropriate relationship involving Rossmann, who has taught German at New Trier since 2003.

Mrs Yonke wrote that following the accusation the school 'immediately notified the proper authorities', adding that an 'investigation is ongoing'.

Social workers were on hand at Mrs Rossman's classes and, 'will be available for any students who may need support on an ongoing basis,' the email confirmed."

Another one gone. All that time and money wasted on one fling that got found out and exposed. Sad.

Background Intel:

UK Daily Mail: Female teacher fired after 'inappropriate relationship' with student

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