Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Man In ICU Gets A Visit From The Ant Army

Small, but deadly in great numbers. (HT U of Minnesota)

A 76 year old man was bitten hundreds of times by ants when he was in the ICU. So much for hospitals being places of cleanliness. Yet another reason to stay healthy and stay out of hospitals.

Background Intel:

WINK: Man attacked by ants in hospital bed at Gulf Coast Medical Center

What Could Go Wrong Here?

Please use responsibly. (HT

You have Teenage boys, alcohol, and a gas can by the campfire. Looks like a combustible situation. Some people never learn.

Background Intel: 2 burned, 1 unhurt in campfire explosion

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inés Sainz Will Stay Out Of Locker Rooms

Her story goes on. (HT

Ines Sainz has made the wise choice to stay out of men's locker rooms. From

"“I’m not going into the locker rooms anymore,” Sainz said Thursday at a news conference. “It’s not a good place right now for me. I don’t want to be in there.”

Some folks especially players don't want her there either. It's a win-win. There's more:

“I need to wait one month to work again because I don’t want to be the focus,” Sainz said. “I’m not looking for that kind of publicity. It affects my career and development in the States.”

She’s received nearly a dozen job interviews and an offer to pose nude in Playboy, which she promptly turned down."

Not buying it, Ines. When you made the rounds on the talk shows it shows that you were looking for that kind of publicity. You're in the media and you know controversy sells.

I don't believe women should be allowed in meen's locker rooms. Are men allowed in women's locker rooms after a WNBA game? No. That's why there are press rooms to conduct interviews. Any woman who still wants women in the locker rooms doesn't want equality, they want double standards, something I'll always oppose.

Background Intel: Inés Sainz Will Stay Out Of Locker Rooms

Sorority Snowflakes Sued For Hazing

Ah, College. (HT Student Prespectives F33)

Looks like hazing has made its way to San Jose. San Jose State University to be specific. Courtney Howard went to pledge at Sigma Gamma Rho. Then the fun begins (not pictured above). From

"Howard describes her first night as pledge: "I remember them hitting me. It hurt really bad, and I remember that night, I went home and cried."

Howard says then they beat her with a wooden cane.

"I had welts and bruises all over my butt to the point where I couldn't even lay down because it hurt so bad," said Howard.

Howard's attorney says there is a psychological aspect to this type of hazing.

"With African-American fraternities and sororities, there's often this notion that this is being done to allow young people to empathize with what their ancestors went through, through slavery," said attorney John Griggs.

Howard says after three weeks of being thrown against walls, paddled with wooden spoons and punched, she complained to the university."

It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit will turn out. Let's see what happens when the perps are women. How severe will punishment be, if any??

Background Intel: Sorority Hazing Allegations: LA Woman Sues SJSU

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fake Tiger Woods Sex Tape Created

He didn't make these shots.

Devon James has made her tiger fantasy come true. From Fox News:

"A sex tape purporting to feature the golf great actually stars a third-rate Philadelphia boxer paid to pose as Woods, the stand-in said yesterday.

Teneal Goyco, 29, claims prostitute Devon James offered him $1,000 to fulfill her fantasy of frolicking with Tiger.

He told that James and her husband dressed him up in a Nike hat and sweater vest and that she insisted on calling him "Tiger" throughout their steamy two-hour video shoot.

"I was in it to make a couple bucks and have sex with a pretty lady," Goyco told the gossip Web site."

Just goes to show you, anything can happen.

Background Intel:

Fox News: Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Paid Stand-In to Appear in Fake Sex Tape, Report Says

Naughty Teachers Files Vol. V

The latest bad apple picked from the tree. (HT Bad Bad Teacher)

Pictured above is the 33 year old Marcie Lynn Rousseau. She recently copped a plea deal on three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. From

"Rousseau entered the plea before Circuit Judge Jonathan E. Lauderbach, who concluded Rousseau should be sentenced to four to 15 years in prison when he sentences her on December 16th.

Under the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss five other counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Although the prosecution asked the judge to jail Rousseau pending sentencing, the judge permitted Rousseau to remain free on bond.

Rousseau still faces 21 counts of criminal sexual conduct in Saginaw County and is scheduled for trial there in January unless another plea deal occurs."

It gets better. "her alleged relationship may have affected another student’s ability to become a member of the National Honor Society.

Freeland’s superintendent does admit Rousseau may have given a high school senior a poor score for getting on the National Honor Society.

Why? Because the student may have known about the alleged relationship between the teacher and the victim.

Reportedly, Freeland School Superintendent Matt Cairy stated, “From the information I have been given it seems very possible that Mrs. Rousseau sabotaged this man’s application.” The Superintendent is looking into the possibility that Rousseau gave the student a poor mark because the high school senior suspected a relationship between Rousseau and the victim."

Naughty and vindictive. What a catch!!

Background Intel: Marcie Lynn Rousseau

World's Worst Pizza: The Death Star

A Pizza that Darth Vader Could Love. (HT The Consumerist)

Looks like the folks at the Village Voice crafted the ultimate monstrosity: a pizza made with ingredients from Wendy's, A&W, KFC, and McDonald's. Let's see the eating champs tackle this one.

Backgroiound Intel:

The Consumerist: KFC, McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell And A&W Combine To Make The World's Worst Pizza