Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 10-27-12

Nymph, Tina, and The Woodland Goddess by Joseph Henry Lynch.(HT Testmag UK)

News articles:

NBC News
Private porn pics aren't private for long

Yahoo News
Jury told of efforts to save kids in day care fire
Nanny suspected of killing 2 kids in NY home
Prosecutor: Breakup upset missing Ariz. baby's mom

The Legal Satyricon
1) Zumba, 2) Prostitution, 3) Profit!

Role Reboot
Stop Telling Men To 'Act Like A Man'
How To Accidentally Raise A Feminist Daughter

UK Sun
Mum, 31, molested boys after drinking 'enough to knock out elephant’

UK Daily Mail
Brazilian student, 20, agrees to sell her virginity for $780,000 after putting it up for auction online
As a doctor I have to tell you that two of these models are too FAT to represent 'real women': Women wanting to see more 'wobbly bits' are promoting obesity, says this outspoken critic
You’ve read the book, bought the love eggs and now you can have your very own Fifty Shades contract as law firm with a sense of humour creates the Lovers’ Agreement
Eyes right! Army wives stage charge of the lightly dressed brigade... but could fundraising calendar girls be getting over-exposed?

UK Guardian
Dressing up for Halloween: a feminist's guide
New York Times blocked by China after report on wealth of Wen Jiabao's family

CBS Denver
Madonna Angers Denver Audience By Pretending To Shoot Guns Into Crowd

Tech News Daily
Why Teens and Adults Send X-Rated Texts

FOX News
Connecticut man can seek payment from 19-year-old child's real father, judge rules

The Scottish Sun
David Goodwillie: I’ll sue over rape lies

OK Trends
The Case For An Older Woman

National Institute of Justice
Who Perpetrates Teen Dating Violence?

Economics Job Market Rumors
Checkmate, feminists


The Rational Male
Time’s Up
Sex Debt
50 Shades of Emma

Chateau Heartiste
Hot Girl Wants Slut Advice
Viking Game In Female Porn
Men Can’t Be Friends With (Attractive) Women: The Science

13 Things I Don’t Like
What It’s Like To Opt Out Of TSA’s Body Scanners
Outcome Independence Leads To Failure

Bold And Determined
5 Must Read Books
32 Things Every Man Should Do
8 Reasons Every Man Should Lift Weights

Turnabout is fair play.
The normalization of the trashy single mother
How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state
Feminist territory marking, NFL style

Hawaiian Libertarian
Sink the Pink
Good Wife - Bad Wife

Captain No Marriage
Avoid Marriage Files: Don’t Be That Guy
Playboy Playmates are no Exception

Matt Forney
You Got Slut-Dropped!
Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote
Evidence That Feminists (and Liberals) Are Socially Retarded
How to Make Feminists Cry

The Spearhead
What Will It Take to Achieve Gender Equality?
Feminism’s Future: The Underclass
A Man Wants a Wife, Not a “Co-Worker”

3rd Millenium Men
It Is Possible – Attractiveness is a State of Mind
Manosphere: The Cold Hard Facts on Female Fertility and The Way Women (Should) Act Accordingly
Manosphere: The Importance of Marriage (And Why Substitutes Don’t Work!) (Part 1)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 10-6-12

Nature Walk. (HT Flickr)

News articles:

Bryant teacher bonds out of jail, charged with sexual assault

Yahoo News
Foxconn denies worker unrest slows iPhone assembly
How to burst the college bubble: Stop pretending your alma mater matters
Police: Cop impersonator demanded free fast food

Herald Tribune
53 cars involved in crashes along I-10

Role Reboot
If You Know Your Marriage Is Temporary, Why Get Married At All?
Is The Myth Of Eternal Love A Pretty Lie?

UK Sun
Alpert Einstein

UK Daily Mail
Special needs teacher 'had sexual relationship with her 17-year-old student'
Hockey mom convicted of sexual assault after having sex with son's 16-year-old teammate while her children slept in the same room
Former high school teacher jailed for 90 days after pleading guilty to sex with teenage football player
Drunk woman trying to run over her husband crashes into two vehicles and pins girl, seven, between car and wall

UK Guardian
BB King at 87: the last of the great bluesmen
The 10 best sex guides

National Post
Drunk B.C. man burned in a fire, hit by a train in series of unfortunate events

Huffington Post
Octomom vs. Tanning Mom
Erica DePalo, Former 'Teacher Of The Year,' Allegedly Had Sexual Relationship With Student Donates To Susan G. Komen When Users Watch Breast-Related Videos This Month

Hilton Hotels Corp. denies misconduct in Minneapolis orgy

Truck with "Meth Lab" inscription turns out to be just that

Cops: Teen mom dumped 3-week-old baby on roadside, claimed abduction


The Rational Male
Up the Alpha
Of Love and War
Men in Love

Chateau Heartiste
Reader F’in Mailbag!
The Problem With Single Women Having The Vote
A Reply To A Common Shit Test

American Girl Personal Ad
It’s Better To Have Guts Than Brains
42 Things Wrong With American Women

Bold And Determined
10 Ways to Project Power
How Can You Change Your Life Today? (A 30 Days of Discipline Review)
How to Cook Pork Ribs: Civilized Caveman Recipe

University of Man
Marriage and Fatherhood: Are you ready?
Top 10 ways I can tell if I’m going to get laid
The Guilty Mind

Debasing marriage
Women’s sacred path to marriage is in danger
Female Solipsism
More on female solipsism

Hawaiian Libertarian
A Salute to Conventional Wisdom

Captain No Marriage
Who’s In Your Wallet???
Men Spend Stupidly???

Matt Forney
The silent majority of abused dispossessed and alienated men

The Spearhead
Feminists: The Kissing Sailor was Committing Sexual Assault
“Flowers” of Arab Spring Wilting