Friday, January 28, 2011

TV Exec Holds Public Strip Show??

The latest example of MissBehavior. (HT Boston Herald)

The latest example of MissBehavior features a formerly highly paid TV Executive (pictured above). From

"Delray Beach police were called to The Office at 9:35 p.m. because an intoxicated woman was “doing innappropriate acts” and refused to leave, according to the police report, obtained by the Herald.

Restaurant staff called police, saying (Randi) Goldklank was “touching herself, removing her top and dancing on a pole like a stripper,” according to the report.

Goldklank, who just turned 43, was sitting at the hostess desk and touching the restaurant’s DJ equipment when a police officer arrived. The embattled TV exec refused to step outside, the report said.

According to the report, the officer then took her arm and led her out of the restaurant but Goldklank tried to run away.

Goldklank was slurring her speech, “appeared intoxicated” and threatened to put the cop on the news — in a scenario similar to her embarrassing Boston arrest, according to police.

“The defendant repeatedly told me that if I did not let her go, I would be on the news because she works for News 12,” the report said."

As if that's a get out of jail free card. This ain't Monopoly, and there's a price for bad behavior, especially when it's of this nature.

Background Intel: Cops: Restaurant strip show gets former Channel 7 exec arrested

Thursday, January 27, 2011

UK MP Calls Out Feminist Bigots

He has some guts, I'll give him that. (HT London Evening Standard)

Pictured above is MP Dominic Raab with his wife Erika. He ruffled some feminarcissist feathers by sticking up for his gender. He stated the following from The London Evening Standard:

"While we have some of the toughest anti-discrimination laws in the world, we are blind to some of the most flagrant discrimination - against men. From the cradle to the grave, men are getting a raw deal. Men work longer hours, die earlier, but retire later than women."

"One commentator recently complained that, 'high-flying women are programmed to go for high-flying men. Most men aren't attracted to women who are more successful than they are'. Can you imagine the outrage if such trite generalisations were made about women, or other minorities? Feminists are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots."

"You can't have it both ways. Either you believe in equality or you don't. If you buy into the whole Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus theory of gender difference - with all its pseudo science - you can't then complain about inequalities of outcome that flow both ways from those essentially sexist distinctions."

All he did was speak out against misandry and the feminist double standard of equality. Right on cue, feminist MP's started howling:

"Shadow business minister Nia Griffith called for Mr Raab to "get real and stop being so self-pitying", adding: "The reality is that women with very good qualifications time and time again do not get the top jobs and opportunities."

A lot of men go through the same issues, but we're supposed to just sit there and "take it like a man" right? You want "self-pitying" Ms. Griffith? Try this from your former equality minister Harriet Harman:

"Women still earn 20 per cent less than men, domestic violence claims the lives of women every week and women bear the brunt of poverty in the developing world." She said feminism "is a just demand for equality and human rights".

This has been going on for how long now? I have questions for feminists: Why don't you speak out against women who commit domestic violence and/or abuse children? Why don't you speak out against honor killings, particularly in the Middle East? Most importantly, why don't you speak out against women who make false rape and domestic violence claims?? Do you believe women who do that should be jailed?

Bottom Line: Radical Feminism, aka Feminarcissism, isn't about "equality", it's about preferential treatment, and that's something I'll always oppose.

Background Intel:

London Evening Standard: Tory MP blasts 'obnoxious feminist bigots' and says men get a raw deal

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Naughty Teachers Files Vol. VII UPDATE: More Information & Affidavit

They're starting to roll in. (HT

Pictured above is Courtney Bowles. She was arrested after allegedly being found with a juvenile in a car parked at North Lake Park. From

"After an investigation, police arrested Bowles on suspicion of sexual assault, sexual assault on a minor by a person in a position of trust and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Each is a class 4 felony, meaning if she is convicted at that level, punishment could be two to four years of prison on each count."

Now there's this from

"A Loveland officer was patrolling North Lake Park after it had closed on Friday night when she spotted a blue Subaru in the east parking lot.

"As I approached the vehicle, I saw a fully naked male and a fully naked female in the second row of seats. The female was on top of the male and she quickly jumped off the male when she saw my flashlight shining into the vehicle," Officer Sharon Hopkins wrote in the arrest affidavit.

After she dressed, Courtney Bowles admitted she and the teen were having sex, police said."

So she basically got caught red-handed (and red-faced to boot) and she's looking at 6 to 12 years in jail. Does she still believe he's worth it? DHE continues to evolve.

Background Intel: Police: MVHS teacher caught with minor Affidavit: Teacher Caught Naked With Sophomore Arrest Affidavit

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Figure Champion Looks To Educate Others

The look of a champion. (HT

For those of you who've dedicated themselves to better fitness, this story should inspire you. From

"Kristen Wong-Denman, 28, exudes good health and optimism. A cascade of dark brown hair frames her face with its fresh, flawless complexion, her features a happy blend of her Chinese and Native-American heritage. She's exuberant about her recent victory in a figure competition at her first attempt and she's anxious to educate others and help them achieve better health.

In just under a year, Wong-Denman went from having "a generally athletic build" to winning — not just in her height class, but as overall champion — at the December 2010 National Physique Association Tri-Cities Regional Figure Championship. Figure contests are a more feminine version of bodybuilding. "It's like runway modeling. It's not the hard look of body building," says her trainer, Kevin Parrott, owner of Xtreme Muscle Gym in Hampton, who has trained numerous champions.

For Wong-Denman, the win was affirmation for a dramatically changed lifestyle and a long battle against weight gain.

Just a few years ago, the 5 foot 4 inch Williamsburg resident weighed 198 pounds. "I had let myself go," she says, describing her 20-year-old self. She started the turnaround when she took a job at a GNC store in 2003. "People would ask for diet advice and how to get healthy," she says. She put herself on the low-carb Atkins diet and lost 65 pounds in seven months, but then she struggled to maintain it and her weight continued to yo-yo by 20 pounds.

The fine-tuning began in late January last year, when her fiancé, Ryan Moore, fulfilled her birthday request for personal training sessions. She started meeting with Parrott once or twice a week, with the specific goal of entering a figure contest, an event she'd read about in magazines.

At the outset she was 150 pounds, but she weighed in at 125 pounds for the contest 10 months later. "It's a very clean way of eating. It's not drastic," she says, adding that she lost body fat and put on muscle and paid more attention to inches than to the scales. "I achieved my goal to be in good enough shape to be up there with those girls. It was a very nice Christmas present."

A Tae Kwon Do aficionado with a third-degree Black Belt, who took state championships in 2002 and 2008, Wong-Denman was no stranger to the gym or workouts. The difference, she says, was Parrott's organization and attention to detail: "He just structured me. He put everything on a schedule."

Bottom Line: You can take back control of your body. It takes dedication, a willingness to change, and time.

Background Intel: Williamsburg woman wins figure contest after rigorous regimen

Three NYC Sanitation Workers Charged With Drug Dealing

These little guys get around. (HT AP)

In more drug dealing news, Three NYC Sanitation workers were charged. From CBS NY:

"Three New York City Department of Sanitation workers have been accused of selling drugs, Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan announced Friday.

Prosecutors have charged 29-year-old Gino Colella with 20 counts of selling a controlled substance and 30-year-old Robert Miller with 5 counts of the same crime. Both men are from Staten Island and worked together at a Sanitation garage on Neptune Avenue on Coney Island.

Also charged were 33-year-old Bernard Basile, a Sanitation Department supervisor at the Jersey Street garage on Staten Island, and 31-year-old Margaret Purdee. They allegedly supplied drugs to Miller on at least one occasion, authorities said.

Donovan said Colella was disappearing from his Brooklyn post to sell drugs on Staten Island.

“He would leave whatever his assignment was for that day. He was doing this during a time of — on occasion — doing this at a time when he was supposed to be working in Brooklyn,” Donovan told reporters including 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa.

The men allegedly sold oxycodone pills for $11 to $15 each. Donovan said the drugs sales were so lucrative that Miller and Basile turned down overtime."

Well, their lucrative business has been shut down. Another case where a drug business gets just big enough to be discovered.

Background Intel:

CBS NY: 3 S.I. Sanitation Workers Accused Of Dealing Drugs

Three Tilted Kilt Girls Roped In Drug Bust

Makes you wonder what else is on the menu. (HT

Three Tilted Kilt girls had a run-in with Johnny Law. From

"Clearwater, Florida -- Servers at a Bay area restaurant are in hot water facing felony charges after Clearwater Police say they received an anonymous tip that employees were trafficking prescription drugs.

Investigators raided the Tilted Kilt in Clearwater on Drew Street around 9:00 p.m. Saturday, arresting 19-year-old Lisa Bragg and 20-year-old Meghan Martin for possession of narcotics without a valid prescription. A third server, 21-year-old Brittani Matterazzo, was arrested after police say she tried to hide some of the pills in the women's restroom garbage can.

Police say along with Oxycodone, Lisa Bragg was found with Phenobarbital and a muscle relaxant called SOMA. She and Martin were charged with possession, not trafficking, and were released Sunday morning on $2,000 bond."

This is not the way to multitask. Felony drug trafficking charges are no joke. I hope these girls learn their lesson as their lives will need some serious repair.

Background Intel: Busty drug bust at The Tilted Kilt Pub

Chicago Ridge Woman Gets 10 Years For Sexing Up Teen Daughter's Male Friends

This cougar will be caged for awhile. (HT WLS AM)

Once again, a woman with DHE has made headlines. In a follow-up to a 7/19/10 post, Cathleen Miller has pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse and criminal sexual assault. From WLS AM:

"The longtime secretary for the village of Chicago Ridge received three years each for molesting three of the victims and another year for abusing a fourth victim, said Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. The boys were either 14 or 15 at the time.

A fifth victim also accused Miller, but prosecutors did not proceed with his case, Olson said.

Miller plied the teens with alcohol and marijuana and had sexual intercourse with two of them in her home in the 5800 block of 109th Street between February and June, according to prosecutors.

Olson said the sexual activity came to light after one of the boys wrote an apology on Facebook to Miller’s oldest daughter, who had walked in on Miller and him while they were together. His parents saw the message and went to police, Olson said.

Miller has been held at the Cook County Jail since her July 13 arrest. She was fired from her job."

So Facebook was used to capture a cougar too. Words can be used as weapons, whether online or in person. Please be aware when you speak, write, type, or text.

Background Intel:

WLS AM: Chicago Ridge mom gets 10 years for molesting teens

Oil Traders Indicted

The lifeblood of the economy. (HT

Most of us would agree that gas prices are too high. I believe part of the reason is because of bad oil traders and speculators. From Reuters:

"Jonathan Paul Barnes, 55, of Bellaire, Texas; Clyde Meltzer, 64, of Livingston, New Jersey, and Bernard Langley, 53, of the United Kingdom were charged with conspiracy, fraud and money-laundering in an indictment returned December 7, 2010 and partially unsealed Friday, the news release said.

The indictment accuses Barnes of defrauding Houston Refinery LP, a subsidiary of LyondellBasell, by having it pay $80 million above market prices for shipping of crude oil from Venezuela between 2006 and 2010 in exchange for kickbacks. Barnes was employed at the time by Houston Refinery LP.

Two of the entities that allegedly paid kickbacks, Camac International Ltd and Fossil Energy Resources Ltd, were offshore operations controlled by Meltzer and Langley, the news release said. They funneled kickbacks through a Swiss bank account to conceal their origin, the release added.

All three men face charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, two counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit international money-laundering and four counts of money-laundering, the news release said.

In addition, Barnes is charged with passport fraud and bulk cash smuggling.

If convicted, the men could face up to 20 years in prison on each count of fraud and money laundering. If convicted, Barnes could face up to 10 years in prison on the passport fraud charge and five years on the cash smuggling charge."

If oil would follow supply and demand principles, prices would be a lot lower than current levels because of the weak demand. However, the traders and speculators can't lose their shirts, right??

Background Intel:

Reuters: Oil traders indicted in alleged kickback scheme

Friday, January 21, 2011

Naughty Teachers Files Vol. VI

The first one of 2011, probably not the last. (HT

A new year ushers in a new naughty teacher. From

"Ashley M. Blumenshine, 27, (pictured above) a physical education teacher at Plainfield North High School in Plainfield, Illinois has reportedly been arrested on allegations that she had sex with a 16-year-old male student.

Reportedly, Blumenshine is initially charged with criminal sexual abuse.

Blumenshine came to the attention of Plainfield Police when officers allegedly discovered her and the student in a car parked outside a Kohl’s store Tuesday night. Reportedly, the officers were investigating two suspicious vehicles at the end of the lot away from anything else.

It is alleged that both Blumenshine and the boy admitted to police that they had consensual sexual intercourse just before the officers arrived."

Blumenshine has since resigned. The Desperate Housewives Effect is still going strong. Parents now need to watch teachers in addition to their kids.

Background Intel:

BadBadTeacher: Ashley Blumenshine

Daily Herald: Lisle teacher in sex scandal resigns

Beverly Hills Fraud

She's quite the Hair Raiser. (HT UK Daily Mail)

Pictured above is Maria Gabriela Hashemipour. She's pleading guilty to fraud, specifically bilking A-listers credit cards. From the UK Daily Mail:

"A Beverly Hills stylist faces 10 years in prison after fraudulently using her A-list celebrity clients' credit card details in a million dollar scam.
Maria Gabriela Hashemipour, 51, agreed yesterday to plead guilty to one fraud charge at the U.S. District Court.

According to her website, Hashemipour's client list at her Chez Gabriela Studio includes Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Cher.

An affidavit filed in the case states two of actress Liv Tyler's credit cards had $214,000 in fraudulent charges from the studio over a five-month period last year.

The New York Post also revealed the stylist charged $16,518 to actress Anne Hathaway, $8,200 to Melanie Griffith, $4,500 to Penelope Cruz and $22,205 to Cher.
For agreeing to enter a guilty plea to the one charge, 40 other counts against her will be dropped.

However, Hashemipour also faces a fine of up to $250,000 and will be ordered to pay back all the money taken from her clients, estimated to be around $1million.
She may also be deported because the indictment filed against her said she was born in Mexico, not in Spain as she had claimed, and that she had fraudulently obtained a U.S. passport."

Jail, fines, and deportation. Quite the trifecta, indeed.

Background Intel:

UK Daily Mail:Beverly Hills stylist faces jail for using A-list clients' credit cards in million dollar fraud

Extreme Detox: UK Edition

The center of attention. (HT UK Daily Mail)

Pictured above is Tabitha Saker. When her mom found out she was about to make a drug buy, she was put under house arrest. From the UK Daily Mail:

"Julia Saker launched the last ditch bid to save 19-year-old daughter Tabitha after finding out she was as drug addict and was on her way to meet her dealer.

Mrs Saker and Tabitha's ex-boyfriend Christopher Francklin - who spotted Tabitha climbing out of a window and shoved her back into her room - tied her arms together with tape and shoved a sock in her mouth.

The pair were arrested in October last year after Tabitha dialled 999 and police heard her screaming as she was tied up and forcibly restrained.

Julia Saker was jailed for 12 months yesterday and Franklin for 18 months after Judge Adele Williams told them they had 'detained a young woman who was subjected to violence and humiliation'."

Yes, the blame can go around on this one, but I sincerely hope the family can put things back together after the jail terms have been served.

Background Intel:

UK Daily Mail: Jail for mother who bound and gagged addict teenage daughter to stop her buying drugs

The Great Chuck-E-Cheese Walk Off

Where mischief happens. (HT

Looks like another case of mischief at a Chuck E. Cheese's has occured, this time in Skokie, IL where an alleged dine and dash took place. From

"The woman and approximately 15 children and a few adults came into the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in the 7100 block of Carpenter Road on Saturday and had a birthday celebration that included pizza, party favors, balloons and drinks, the report said.

When the woman was given a bill for $65.68 she refused to pay it, saying that it was too much, said the report. When the restaurant manager told the woman police would be called, she told the manager that she did not care and said “the police wouldn’t do anything.”

$65.68 for 15 kids and a couple of adults comes out to under $4 a person. Very inexpensive. Most people would gladly pay that. If she's caught on camera, look for the cops to arrest & charge her with theft of services.

Background Intel: (Thanks TD for the Title!) ‘Dine and Dash’ at Chuck E. Cheese alleged

School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To DUI

A bus driver gone bad. (HT

Pictured above is Betty Burden. She pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI, admitting she was drunk when she drove students home from school last spring. She could get one to three years in prison or be given probation.

Putting children in harms way should warrant a jail sentence, but we'll see. I'll never look at a school bus the same going forward.

Background Intel: School Bus Driver Betty Burden Pleads Guilty to DUI While Kids on Board

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ohio Woman Issued Three Speeding Tickets - In One Hour???

The eyes of Big Brother are upon you. (HT

Check the record books. A woman in Ohio hit the trifecta, she got three speeding tickets in an hour. I guess 35 mph zones aren't her cup of tea.

Background Intel: Police: Woman Issued Three Speeding Tickets In One Hour

Pregnant Woman Duped By Bogus Valet

Never thought this would be the scene of Grand Theft Auto. (HT

This one falls under the public service file. From the Boston Herald:

"A pregnant woman rushing into Lowell General Hospital’s emergency room handed her keys to a seemingly helpful man who said he was the valet and offered to park her car.

Only one problem, cops said. Lowell General doesn’t have valet service.

Lowell police Capt. Kelly Richardson said the woman was suffering from labor pains when she drove herself to the hospital at 3 a.m. Friday morning and parked outside the emergency room doors.

A man clad in what appeared to be a uniform shirt walked out of the ER as the woman arrived, claiming to be the hospital’s valet. He told her she could not park in that spot, but that he would gladly take her keys and move the car for her."

This guy is pure swamp scum!! Taking advantage of a woman in labor. I hope the cops find this guy and put him under the jail.

The Moral ot this story: Hospitals do NOT have valet service. Some folks are really out to con you during these tough economic times. Stay aware.

Background Intel:

Boston Herald: Pregnant woman’s car stolen from ER by fake valet

How A Woman Tracked Down A Thief

This story is good PR for the Golden Arches.

In this instance, McDonald's, along with MySpace, Craigslist, and Facebook helped a woman track down and arrest a man who broke into and stole items from her car. Technology can be very useful indeed.

Background Intel: My relentless pursuit of the guy who robbed me

Friday, January 14, 2011

One Year, One High School, 90 Pregnancies???

This shouldn't be happening to girls in high school. (HT The Frisky)

Sadly, this is not a joke. From Field Notes:

"About 90 teenage girls at one public high school in Memphis, Tenn., are either pregnant or have had a baby this school year, according to media reports.

Frayser High School has 978 students – 508 of which are girls. That means nearly 18 percent of teen girls at Frayser are either currently pregnant or recently had babies.

Pregnancy is not a new problem for the school, one Frayser graduate says. "When we would come back from summer break, there would be a thousand people pregnant. We were like, what's going on?" Alicia Williamson told KTUU. Williamson graduated from Frayser in 2004. She added, "There were a whole lot of bellies. You had to watch out so you didn't bump into them. Being 2011, I thought a lot of them would have thought this is not the right way to go, having babies during school time.”

In Memphis, the teen pregnancy rate is between 15 percent and 20 percent – and in Frayser, the rate is 26 percent, said Deborah Hester Harrison, executive director of Memphis’ Girls Inc. It’s no surprise that Harrison places at least part of the blame on the media, such as the popular MTV shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.”

Teen pregnancy is far from glamorous. I've know a number of women who went through it, and all of them talked about the struggles of parenting so young. Which means by 40 they're totally exhausted.

Background Intel:

Field Notes: 90 pregnancies at one high school

Cathie Black: The Bad Joke's On You

The Court Jester Herself. (HT NY Daily News)

Pictured above is Cathie Black. She has a bad case of foot in mouth disease. From the NY Daily News:

"Schools Chancellor Cathie Black joked that there's a simple solution to overcrowding in lower Manhattan - birth control.

"Could we just have some birth control for a while?" Black said Thursday night. "It would really help us."

Black earned chuckles for the joke at an overcrowding task force meeting, but downtown parents say the growing population of youngsters is no laughing matter.

"I always cringe when I hear that (joke)," said Public School 234 parent Tricia Joyce. "I understand the temptation to joke about it. But our situation isn't funny any more."

No it's not. For the damage control, get the rest of the story below.

Background Intel:

NY Daily News: Parents not laughing at Schools Chancellor Cathie Black's 'birth control' overcrowding joke

The Lunch "Pot" Lady

She was thinking green in more ways than one. (HT

Pictured above is Michelle Whitmire. She was arrested for suspicion of distributing marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She posted a $10K bond the same day she was booked. That's a lot of lunch money.

Background Intel: Jeffco cafeteria worker accused of distributing marijuana

Starstruck McDonald's Employee Fired, Then Rehired

Two of the three elements. (HT Yahoo Sports)

Being a good Samaritan can cost a heavy price. From Yahoo Sports:

"An assistant manager at McDonald's was fired after allowing Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson to use the bathroom while the restaurant was closed.

While working the late-night drive-thru shift at 3 a.m., a female employee encountered a man standing outside the window who asked to come inside and use the restroom. After a little while, she realized it was the popular Minnesota Vikings star and opened the door for him to come inside and use the facilities. (The seating area at the restaurant is normally closed during the late-night hours.)

One week later, the mother of three was fired for the offense.

"He's a public figure... I know him better than some of the maintenance people that come in and out," she told The Consumerist. "I never thought in a million years that that decision was going to cost me my career."

There's a silver lining at the end of these golden arches, though: After the local media reported on the woman's termination, McDonald's gave her back her old job."

I'm sure a lot of folks would have helped out AD if they were in her shoes too.

Background Intel:

Yahoo Sports: McDonald's employee fired for letting Peterson use the restroom

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New York Jets Soap Opera Continues

As if they didn't have enough issues. (HT Deadspin)

The soap opera rolls on. This time the subject is Michelle Ryan, The wife of New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan. From

"There's a celebrity in the foot-fetish world who posts videos with titles like "Hot Mature Sexy Feet." The videos feature a woman who looks like Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife, Michelle — and, in one, a man offscreen who sounds like Rex.

A few years back, YouTube user "ihaveprettyfeet" — who shares a number of personal characteristics with Michelle, though we'll get to that later — made a series of videos, apparently starring herself. In them, her feet, whether in stockings or shoes or simply bare, are always prominently displayed. An attractive older blonde, "ihaveprettyfeet" became hugely popular, to the point that when YouTube banned her account for terms of service violations, devotees took to message boards to wonder where she'd gone.

Her videos have been reposted by others on YouTube, and with so many followers, it was only a matter of time before one of them happened to be a Deadspin reader, too. We received a tip from one such person that "ihaveprettyfeet" was the spitting image of Michelle Ryan, wife of maybe the most popular coach in the NFL. "At least a twin sister," the tipster said.

But the connections only begin with surface resemblances. We found "ihaveprettyfeet"'s personal profile on a foot fetishist dating site. She lists her location as Ellicott City, Md. When Rex Ryan was an assistant coach with the Ravens, his profile on the official team city had him living with his family in Ellicott City, Md. Michelle Ryan was born in August 1963, a Virgo. "ihaveprettyfeet" lists herself as a Virgo. Michelle Ryan taught high school English before retiring to raise her kids; "ihaveprettyfeet" has a graduate degree, is married with kids, and lists herself as a homemaker. Michelle Ryan once said that, in heels, she was "a foot [shorter]" than her 6'4" husband; "ihaveprettyfeet" lists herself as 5'2". To be sure, there is also an Ellicott City "ihaveprettyfeet" listed on this swingers site. It's a couple's profile. The husband checks in at a very un-Rexlike 5'10, 180 pounds.

A lot of you will judge the Ryans over this. Please don't. Lots of Americans have bizarre tastes. Just think: There are people out there who'll cheer for the Jets."

I don't judge them at all. It's just too bad the New York media had a couple of slow news days and kept recycling this. I know the last thing Rex Ryan wanted to do at his weekly press conference was to answer questions about his sex life.

Background Intel: This May Or May Not Be Rex Ryan's Wife Making Foot-Fetish Videos (UPDATE)

Tractor Rage?

The Tractor Rage Posterboy. (HT

Pictured above is Christopher Nathan Davenport. He was recently arrested for among other things, trying to run over three deputies with a stolen tractor. From

"The Rutherford County sheriff's office said in a news release Monday that 23-year-old Christopher Nathan Davenport of Woodbury is jailed on charges of assaulting the three on Friday when they tried to apprehend him for tearing up yards and driving recklessly on the tractor.

Deputies said he tried to run over the three and crashed the tractor into a tree before being caught during a foot chase."

I'm sure law enforcement will throw the book and the wrecked tractor at him at the very least. Cops don't take it very well when someone tries to run them over.

Background Intel: Tennessee man charged with reckless tractor driving, trying to run over deputies

The Burning Snowplow

What you don't want to see this winter. (HT Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)

Things like this don't just happen in the movies. From the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune:

"A municipal plow truck burst into flames while clearing snow in a Prior Lake neighborhood, sending the driver fleeing for safety.

The Scott County truck, while in the 2500 block of Spring Lake Road, caught fire about 3:45 p.m. Monday, said Fire Chief Doug Hartman. The driver saw the flames in his rear-view mirror, and "at that point he exited immediately," Hartman said. "He didn't feel he had time to grab the fire extinguisher."

The cause of the fire, which firefighters extinguished, has yet to be determined. But, "If I had to speculate, it very well could have been a hydraulic leak" that led to the flames, the chief said.

The spectacular fire left the driver "visibly shaken," said Hartman, who added that numerous witnesses took and provided him with photos. "He had a full tank of fuel. That's the reason there was a lot of fire."

That would've shook me up. Talk about an occupational hazard.

Background Intel:

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune: Snowplow burns in Prior Lake

Bad Santas

These suits can't be worn by just anybody. (HT

With the holiday season coming to a close, people pretty much know who's been naughty or nice. That goes for the Santas too. From

"Police said a pair of female Santas arrested at an Ohio mall were part of an "unruly group," but members said they did nothing wrong.

The group, which had arrived in two buses, included several intoxicated people dressed in Santa suits, and many people at the mall complained they were handing out adult-like materials and singing songs with mature lyrics, police said.

The Santarchy Dayton members said the Santas had only been handing out candy and singing Christmas songs. They said off-color songs were sung on the bus ride to the mall, but everything they sang at the shopping center was family-appropriate.

Michael Denius of Santarchy Dayton said the arrest of one of the women was particularly "over the top." He said the woman approached an officer to "ask what was going on" and the officer "twisted her arm behind her hard," "slammed her face against a glass wall" and "slammed her to the ground and dug his knee in her back and cuffed her."

(Jacqueline) Sallee was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, assault and disorderly conduct, which includes public intoxication. (Susan) Rudolph was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, including public intoxication."

There are multiple accounts of this tale. If the Santas were doing inappropriate things they should be arrested, but don't be surprised if a police brutality lawsuit came out of this episode.

Background Intel: Police arrest 'unruly' female Santas

Victoria's Secret Model Says No To Average Joes

Come down from your pedestal Jess. (HT

Pictured above is Victoria's Secret Model Jess Hart. She won't give average joes the time of Day. The proof is from

"In an interview with gossip website Popeater, Hart lays down do's and dont's for regular guys contemplating making a move on glamazons like herself.

In brief, the gap-toothed Australian beauty warns ordinary guys everywhere -- stay away.

Spy a stunning model in a bar and thinking about trying your chances?

"Don't," the Sports Illustrated cover girl commands.

The beautiful aren’t interested in the bold, according to Hart.

"If you see me, or another model, in a bar wait until you are spoken too before you speak,” she orders.

The 24-year-old declares that if any of the clothes horses fancy a guy, they’ll be the ones doing the wooing.

“If we are interested in you we will make the first move," she says.

Gentlemen, how many times have you seen a hot model-type woman with an average (or worse) looking guy? Enough times to know that no woman is out of your league. Arrogant women like this, however, don't qualify to be in any man's league.

Background Intel: Victoria's Secret Model: Ordinary Guys Don't Have a Chance to Get a Date With Us

One Doctor's Bad Choice

The eye of the storm. (HT

One topic that's been the subject of debate is if marijuana should be legal. What shouldn't be debatable is that it should not be prescribed to a pregnant woman. However, a doctor in Colorado did exactly that. From the Denver Post:

"The doctor did not ask whether she was pregnant, and the woman, who was 28 weeks along, did not volunteer the information, the complaint states. When the woman gave birth in April, her child tested positive for marijuana and had "initial feeding difficulties," the complaint says.

The complaint against Aquino was first reported by Solutions, a health-policy news website produced by professional journalists at the University of Colorado Denver's School of Public Affairs and funded by private foundations.

"Pregnancy is a contraindication for the use of medical marijuana," the complaint states, later stating that Aquino "failed to meet the generally accepted standard of medical practice."

Colorado law requires doctors to have a "bona-fide" relationship with patients to whom they recommend marijuana."

If you can't do something as simple as as a woman if she's nursing or pregnant, you should lose your license, especially since that led to a baby being born with medical issues.

Background Intel:

Denver Post: Colorado doctor accused of faulty medical-pot recommendation, may lose license

Teen Arrested Over A Marker

The center of this story. (HT

There are many reasons a teenager can go to jail. I'm not so sure about this one. From

"A 13-year-old was arrested Friday in Oklahoma City, accused of violating a little-known city ordinance that prohibits possession of a permanent marker in some circumstances.

The teen was caught using a permanent marker at Roosevelt Middle School by a teacher, according to the crime report filed with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Delynn Woodside noted the marker had bled through a piece of paper onto the desk and reported to a police officer that she also had seen the teen writing on the desk with the marker, the report said.

Woodside, a seventh-grade math teacher, made a citizen's arrest on the teen, and the police officer transferred the student to a Community Intervention Center that houses juveniles who have been arrested. The name of the minor was not released.

Under City Ordinance 35-202, it is illegal for any person to possess spray paint or a permanent marker on private property without the permission of the property owner.

“No person may possess an aerosol spray paint container or broad-tipped indelible marker on any private property unless the owner, agent, manager, or other person having control of the property consented to the presence of the aerosol spray paint container or broad-tipped indelible marker,” the ordinance reads."

When I was in school, a kid doing this would wash the desks, the blackboard and the erasers. Throw in some detention time. Jail is a little extreme. This is one law that needs to be tweeked.

Background Intel: Using marker at school leads to Oklahoma teen's arrest

Female Japanese Tourist Gets Duped

Which way will the scales tip on this one?? (HT Australia)

Picture yourself as a juror hearing this case. From Australia:

"A Northern Territory man said he could see into the future and told a Japanese tourist she would die if they did not have sex on a "sacred site," a court was told.

The woman said the man told her he could see her dying in hospital in three years time if she rejected his advances while at Ubirr Rock, a popular Kakadu site of ancient cave art, reported the NTnews.

The woman's allegations were heard at a committal hearing in Darwin Magistrate's Court this week.

Magistrate Michael Carey dismissed the four charges of sexual intercourse without consent against the man saying the woman's evidence was unreliable, contradictory in some places and "did not hang together".

"There is no way (a jury) would convict on her evidence," Mr Carey said.

The woman alleged she was raped four times over October 16 and 17 last year at Ubirr Rock and the man's Jabiru home 40km southwest of the tourist attraction.

Doctor Tracey Johns, who later examined the woman, told the court her patient said he had manipulated her into staying at his house while he fixed her tyre by talking about the dangers of camping in Kakadu.

Prosecutor Georgia McMasters said the Crown's case was that the woman did not have the ability to say no because her will was over powered by him.

"She was not allowed to reject him," Ms McMaster's said.

When interviewed the woman, who had limited english said; "I had no option but to follow because I was scared, I was told I could no longer say no in this sacred place. I was told if I reject I will die, someone did because of rejecting."

Magistrate Carey said the woman did not indicate a lack of consent to the sexual encounters.

He said she may have been, "incredibly naive or gullible".

May have been? The women I know would've seen this as a man's pathetic attempt to get laid.

Background Intel: Australia: Japanese tourist claims man told her: 'You must have sex with me or die'

Another Woman Rants About The Death Of Chivalry

Ah, Pregnancy. (HT The Frisky)

A pregnant woman rants on not receiving any chivalry. From The Frisky:

"I’ll be dangling from the bars with my belly pressed right up against their nostrils, and they’ll remain planted in their seats, with eyes tightly shut. The eyes shut thing is a classic; it’s as if as soon as my belly wanders onto the train, seated males spontaneously fall into a coma.

Women, on the other hand have shown themselves to be far more gracious, frequently jumping up to offer a seat. Recently, when a woman stood up for me, I loudly pronounced, “Thanks, but I don’t see why you should give up your seat when there are plenty of men here who could do the same.” I thought that might shake them out of their apathy. Well, guess what? This was followed by absolute silence, in which the entire carriage squinted up at me as though I were some novel curiosity, and not a single male rose to his feet. As the kindly woman had now left the seat vacant, I figured I ought to at least grab it, lest some other burly Neanderthal leap in.

Men, what is the problem exactly? I’ve heard the old song about sexual equality, but it’s OK to discard that stupid notion when it comes to pregnant women. Oh, and in case your tiny minds can’t figure this out for yourselves, anyone on crutches would qualify for a seat too!

So, please, if you’re not prepared to exhibit basic manners, then at least tell me what goes through your heads when a pregnant woman looms over you, threatening to poke out your eye with her protruding navel, as she is jostled about the train?

Perhaps there is something in the water that has caused your testicles to shrivel up or maybe your intense high-fructose corn syrup diets have provoked a heinous genetic mutation to the Y chromosome, because when I look down at your pathetic, indifferent faces, I don’t see men. I just see failures and losers, and I want to puke. And it’s not just morning sickness."

This is worth Repeating: Chivalry is dead, radical feminism, aka feminarcissism killed it. You're getting the equality that you clamored for. Pregnant women aren't the exception to the rule. Talk to Gloria Steinem and her crowd.

A few words for the author of this rant, Annabelle Charbit: Insulting men will get you nowhere. Arrogance shouldn't be rewarded. The men simply returned your disrespect. I feel sorry to a degree for your baby's father. If you treat him in a abusive manner and he just accepts it, then he's a masochist.

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A Rags To Riches Story

From nothing to everything by pulling a tab. (HT

Pictured above is Jonathan Kehoe. This is an unemployed man who got richer after a trip to McDonald's. From

"Kehoe says the day he pulled the winning tab at the end of October, he had his Godson with him. He wanted some McDonald's. So Kehoe (went) to pull in and get something. He bought himself a McRib value meal in the drive-thru. When he pulled the tab, Kehoe saw the Boardwalk and Park Place tickets."

That's a nice bonus from the drive-thru window isn't it??

Background Intel: Unemployed West Allis man wins $1 million in McDonald's Monopoly game

Hard Times

Casualties of hard times. (HT Joliet Trib)

Pictured above are Charles Campbell and Robert Hale. These homeless men were found guilty recently of beating a third homeless man. It was a pretty brutal beating for only coming up with $88. From the Joliet Trib:

"The victim awoke in the street from the beating the next morning with a broken jaw in two places, a broken nose, missing teeth, cuts over both eyes and extensive bruising to his eyes and chest. He also was missing the cash and a cellular telephone."

Desperate men do desperate things.

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