Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 12-22-12

Holiday Ginger. (

News articles:

The Smoking Gun
U.S. Olympian's Secret Life As Las Vegas Escort

Yahoo News
Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito Shares Holiday Tips for Healthy Eating
"How I Saved Over $300 a Month"
Tiny House, Big Freedom

Washington Post
Dark world of prostitution turns to the day
In Newtown, Nancy Lanza a subject of sympathy for some, anger for others

Role Reboot

Why Does TV Love To Portray Dads As Idiots?
60 May Be The New 40, But Not On The Dating Scene
The World Is A Frightening Place To Raise A Child

UK Sun
Jodie Marsh: I’ve had threesomes, I’ve had orgies... I need someone who can match up!

UK Daily Mail
Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop... and 'using the SAME gloves on both'
Newlywed high school teacher, 25, 'had sex with student, 17, at Ramada Inn and in her car just two months after getting married
Newlywed teacher and cheerleading coach, 29, 'had sex with an underage student'

UK Guardian
Snake eggs found by Australian toddler hatch in his wardrobe
Exclusive: Corrupt Apple Store Employees Come Forward Across America

UK Independent
How sex work has replaced a bar job for students who struggle to bills, loans and university fees

And That's Why You're Single
Dear Single Ladies…Stop Being So Difficult
Is Curvy the new overweight?

Return of Kings
The Perfect Woman: Hair
The Perfect Woman: Lips
The Perfect Woman: Heels

Love (Tri)angle

CBS Chicago
CTA Bus Driver Passes Out, Crashes Into 20 Parked Cars

NBC Bay Area
From Child Sex Slave to Activist: Berkeley Woman Breaks Chains of Human Trafficking

India Realtime
A First Look at India’s Playboy Bunny

XO Jane
My First Resolution: Be More Vain


The Rational Male
First Man Awake
The Epiphany Phase
I Have a Secret

Chateau Heartiste
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Hamster
The Alpha Male Gifts That Women Love
Persistence: The Underrated Alpha Male Quality

The Decline Of American Women
Black Men Who Date White Women
7 Ways Feminism Is Destroying American Women

Bold And Determined
How I Kicked Dirt into a Feminist’s Face
The #1 Way To Get What You Want

Not Glad Tidings for Post Marital Spinsters.
More grim news for carousellers hoping to jump at the last minute.

Hawaiian Libertarian
Thoughts on Gun Control by Dead White Men
Be Prepared

Captain No Marriage
Comments and Sh**
Single Mothers
LeBron James needs to Avoid Marriage or share the same fate as Kobe and Jordan

Matt Forney
Not Accepting Blame
The Eden’s Thaw Christmas Gift Guide

The Spearhead
Is Prostitution Really about Exploitation?
The Truth about Older Women and Younger Men
How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

3rd Millenium Men
Top 10 Posts for Single Women
Manosphere: Virginity vs Sluttery (Part 2)

Outcast Superstar
Trying to Figure Out Why Men Aren't Manning Up and Getting Married
Why Some Men Prefer to Visit Prostitutes Over Having a Girlfriend or Wife
Poison Posse

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