Tuesday, March 8, 2011

School Teacher Resigns After Her Past Catches Up With Her

Another one bites the dust. (HT Meetup.com)

This could be considered a different kind of teacher scandal. From KMOV:

"A west St. Louis County high school teacher quit her job after her x-rated past was exposed when one of her Parkway North students discovered her pornographic work in the adult film industry. That raised a red flag, and district officials are now left wondering if background and reference checks are enough.

The porn-star-turned-teacher tied to shed what she calls her worst mistake – one she made more than 15 years ago. This past continues to haunt her today.

“Either way, someone's gonna find out one day, and that's just like a bad look on you when you're a school teacher,” says student Sarah Mennicucci.

In 2006, teachers and parents stood by her when she was suspended from her teaching job in Paducah, Kentucky. Her contract was not renewed.

The superintendent there feared Myers’ past would be a distraction in the classroom.

(Tera) Myers (pictured above)even shared her story on Dr. Phil, and found work at Parkway North High School the following school year.

What Myers did was not illegal, so it did not show up on a background check. District officials say none of her references disclosed her past.

Myers will be paid through the end of the school year. She will not be returning in the fall."

The Bottom Line: It's sad that she was forced out of at least two teaching positions because of her past. It's pretty evident that she enjoys teaching. However, her past will make every school board/district very skittish about hiring her should they find out. In their view she wears a scarlett letter.

Background Intel:

KMOV.com: Local school teacher quits after student discovers her x-rated past

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