Friday, June 3, 2011

South Korean Man Successfully Sues Wife For Paternity Fraud & Gets Marriage Annulled

At least one woman proved him right.

This is a victory for men everywhere. From The Associated Press (HT

"A South Korean court ordered a woman to pay her husband $42,380 in compensation for having a baby with another man, a judge said Monday.

The 26-year-old woman told her husband in February 2002 she was pregnant with his baby, and demanded that they marry. The baby was born in November 2002.

"The man had used condoms whenever they had sex, but he agreed to marry, thinking that one of the condoms didn't work," said Hong Joong-pyo, a judge at the Seoul Family Court.

But the man's suspicion grew when relatives complained that "the baby didn't look like him at all," Hong said.

When the husband confronted his wife with a DNA test that showed the baby was not his, the woman argued that the baby must have been switched at hospital. When the husband moved to sue the hospital, the woman confessed to having been pregnant with another man's baby, Hong said.

Hong also nullified the marriage in his ruling Thursday.

The wife said she was sexually assaulted by the baby's real father, but the court rejected her argument for lack of evidence."

That's code for the court rejected her lying and didn't reward her bad behavior. I applaud them for that. That's something that needs to happen a LOT more in the US. However, one question still remains: Why didn't she make the same marriage demand from the baby's true father? Did she think her now ex-husband would be an easy dupe and live the lie? It did work at first.......

Background Intel:

AP via Court: woman must pay husband for baby

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