Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 9-29-12

Seated. (HT Wikimedia)

News articles:

Gucci Little Piggy
Douthat versus Marcotte

Yahoo News
Why, yes — there will be a Victoria’s Secret at Cowboys Stadium
Thieves take $10,000 in wedding presents when couple leaves gifts outside overnight
HK tycoon offers $65M dowry for gay daughter

8 Reasons Premarital Boning Is Good for Both You and Society

Website for Career Women Thinks Ladies Go to Business School to Find Husbands

Role Reboot
10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Porn
Why I Don't Have Pubic Hair
I Realized I Despised My Husband The Day My Daughter Was Born

UK Sun
Sofia Vergara told her 32F boobs are too big

UK Daily Mail
My new wife's family threatened to cut off my fingers
Pictured for the first time, the 15-year-old schoolboy 'stabbed to death on London estate by teenage girl'
Florida teen, 14, charged with first degree murder after she strangles newborn baby, hides his body in shoe box and dumps it in laundry

UK Guardian
The 20 best Prince songs you've never heard

Mrs. Yes
My next blog

The Honest Courtesan
Profound Ignorance
Troubled Michigan lottery winner found dead

Pumpkin weighing 1,843.5 pounds sets world record at Deerfield Fair

Video: A Couple Humped In A Yankee Stadium Bathroom Stall For About Three Innings On Saturday [NSFW]

CBS News
Annie Dookhan, chemist at Mass. crime lab, arrested for allegedly mishandling over 60,000 samples

The Raw Story
Topless warriors start boot camp for global feminism


The Rational Male
The Perfect Man
Size Matters
Amused Mastery

Chateau Heartiste
Don’t Split The Housework If You Want The Love To Last
Laying Down The Law On Attention Whores
Womanly Economy

The Baltic Trilogy
Your Friend Is Creepy
You Broke Me

Bold And Determined
The Only 3 Pieces of Advice You Will Ever Need to Succeed
How to Own Your House and Car Anonymously
Why Your Testosterone Levels are Lower Than You Think (and what to do about it)

University of Man
The Manosphere
Having female friends is for females.
GirlyWorld: The I’m not haaappiest place on earth!

Cutting leaders off at the knees.
Christian denial and institutional resistance to change.
Biblical vs Churchian Sex in Marriage (and why Christians need Game)
Rejoice in the wife of your youth.

Hawaiian Libertarian
Eat More Mercury
Now and Then: Feminism in 1970

Captain No Marriage
Simple Truths
No Deal!!!

Matt Forney
Debunking the case against getting a vasectomy

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