Friday, November 23, 2012

Naughty Teachers Files Vol. XIII - NFL Cheerleader Edition

Just because I haven't posted on this topic in awhile doesn't mean female teachers have stopped doing it. (HT

Some things havent changed, but this comes with a twist: A Teacher/ex-NFL Cheerleader Captain combo.

Pitcured above is Sarah Jones. She has pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and custodial interference. More from Fox Sports:

"In accepting the plea agreement, Judge Patricia Summe granted prosecutors' recommendation to sentence Jones to five years of diversion (probation) but no jail time, and she won't have to register as a sex offender. The diversion requires Jones to report to a probation officer and undergo drug tests."

Kicker #1 (HT

"she left the courtroom with her now 18-year-old “victim,” whose lack of cooperation with the investigation led to her light punishment."

Kicker #2 (HT

"Jones, 27, said it was "absolutely wrong" for her to have a relationship with a student, but maintained that she and her boyfriend are moving on in their lives together.

"We made a poor choice together," Jones told "Dateline". "But that doesn't mean that we can't find happiness at the end of the day. And we will.

"He's wonderful, and I absolutely adore everything because even if he has flaws, I adore them."

Kicker #3 (HT

"Sarah Jones had to postpone a $11-million defamation lawsuit filed in 2009 against gossip site The Dirty to face criminal charges for allegedly having sex with a teenage student in her English class. Now that the criminal case is out of the way, her civil case is back on."

Kicker #4 (HT UK Daily Mail)

"The Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who carried out a sordid affair with one of her 17-year-old high school students is set to get her own reality TV show.

Sarah Jones, 27, has been accused of 'cashing in on her crime' after the creators of Jersey Shore, 495 Productions, reportedly approached the Kentucky woman about the program.

The show will centre around Ms. Jones and presumably Cody York, her much younger boyfriend, whom she recently admitted to having sex with when he was a minor, after vehemently denying it."

This is basically Mary Kay Laternoeau without the jail time. So she cheats on her husband, gets probation without having to register as a sex offender, and is in line to get paid through the court system along with a reality TV show. I ask you, could this have happened if the genders in this case were reversed??

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