Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Complaint For The Record Books

It's all about the money. (HT Juddlegum.com)

Try this complaint for size. From the Provo, UT Daily Herald:

"A Las Vegas man has filed a $38 quadrillion complaint against an Alpine attorney.

John Theodore Anderson, also known as John-Theodore:Anderson in his filings, claims attorneys Douglas Shumway, Benjamin Schramm and Michael Van fraudulently served him with a lawsuit, according to court records.

If Shumway loses the lawsuit and Anderson is awarded $38 quadrillion, or perhaps 204 times that amount, Shumway said he is not sure how he will pay it. At any given time, about $24 trillion is in use around the world.

"I don't know what that calculates to if I can't buy the entire world," he said."

Shumway's attorney skills will be put to the test. If he loses this suit, he's smoked.

Background Intel:

Daily Herald: Las Vegas Man sues Alpine Attorney for $38 Quardrillion

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