Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golddigger Alert!!!

The woman all men must avoid. (HT

Kudos to Wendy Page. She's taken golddigging to a new level. She dumps her husband ten years ago, and comes back on the scene when he wins the lottery. She got two million pounds after first wanting eight million.

They do have a 13 year old daughter together, but that's not the motive. From the UK Daily Mail:

"Mr Page – said to have been shocked by the legal threat – offered to put the £2million in a trust fund for their 13-year-old daughter. This was vetoed."

Wendy's motives are crystal clear. Yet many women can't figure out why so many men don't wan't to get married,or want them to sign a prenup. It's because of women like this, ladies. Do you now understand why Kanye West's Golddigger is still popular?

Background Intel:

UK Daily Mail: £56m lottery winner ordered to pay £2m to ex-wife even though she left him for another man... TEN YEARS ago

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