Thursday, March 17, 2011

Melinda Gates Two Loves

Quite the Storyteller. (HT Shine)

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Melinda Gates confirmed a quote in Vogue Magazine confirming the conflict between her two loves: her carrer and her children. I realize she also talks about her marriage in the interview. However, it is pretty evident that in today's society, being a mother is of greater value than being a wife.

Given how many men have complained that their wives neglect them and there's no intimacy (leading to many subsequent affairs), the phenomonon is real. This will only cement the belief for many men that women only see them as a means to an end. The end being a house, kids and cash. Which will lead to more men refusing to marry.

The link below leads to the confirmation in the video titled "Achieving work-life balance".

Background Intel:

Shine: Melinda Gates on work-life balance, empowering women, her marriage, and more

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