Friday, September 9, 2011

Naughty Teachers Files Vol. XI - French Canadian Twist

The Desperate Housewives Effect happens north of the border too. (HT Montreal Gazette)

The cougar-cub phenomenon has taken hold with our neighbors to the north. From the Montreal Gazette:

Former gym teacher Tania Pontbriand (pictured above) seduced her 15-year-old student during a camping trip, beginning a two-year relationship that would involve sex every day in her office, car or at one of their homes, Quebec Court heard on Friday.

The student, now 25, testified at Pontbriand's trial for sexually assaulting the young man, that she showered him with gifts, including a dog tag engraved with the date of their first sexual encounter.

"She had convinced me that we were in love, that I was special and that she didn't do this with other students," he said in a calm, articulate manner.

In 2002, Pontbriand taught gym and leadership, which involved winter camping and bike trips, to the Rosemere High School student, who can't be named.

During the first bike trip, with the entire class, Pontbriand and the student sat up talking until 6 a.m., sharing thoughts and feelings.

"She said that marrying her husband had been a mistake," the man testified. "She said I could look into her eyes and know what she was thinking."

A couple of weeks later, they went camping alone - with the permission of the boy's mother.

While in the tent, Pontbriand stroked the boy's eyebrow, he testified.

"She said 'kiss me,' " he said. "I was completely sexually inexperienced and said 'how?'"

They had intercourse and oral sex twice that night, and the next day Pontbriand drove the boy home.

"She said, 'I'm going to be your biggest fan for the rest of your life,' " he testified, adding that Pontbriand then flashed him her breasts.

"I was confused. I never thought that I'd be sleeping with a 30-year old married teacher of mine."

The two continued to have sex daily in Pontbriand's office, in her car or at her home when her husband was playing hockey or golf, the student said. Everyone at Rosemere knew Pontbriand was transporting him to and from school, and some teachers warned her that her behaviour was inappropriate, but the two told everyone they were just friends.

Throughout the summer, they went cycling together and had sex in the woods, at the boy's house or Pontbriand's home in Mascouche.

One of the photos shown in court Friday was of the student drunk and passed out on Pontbriand's couch. "That was the first time I ever drank in my life," he testified.

She knew his locker combination and would leave him love notes, written in a special code the two had made up.

When the boy went on a family holiday to Florida, Pontbriand gave him money to buy her lingerie at a Victoria's Secret store.

The young man testified their relationship continued on the sly until he went to CEGEP and Pontbriand stopped calling. By the time he entered university in 2006, he was still distraught, trying to get some explanation from his former teacher, he said.

Finally, he consulted a psychiatrist. "He said I'd missed out on a lot at 15, like the normal dating rituals. I think I was still in denial, pretending it was a normal relationship."

Finally, he told his mom, who broke down crying, and his friends, who agreed he should go to police.

Pretty graphic, I have to say. I would love to hear her side of the story. The trial will pick up at the end of November so more details should be out then. Stay tuned.

Background Intel:

Montreal Gazette: 'I was confused': student

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