Friday, September 9, 2011

Patriotic Kicks & Gloves Create A "Fine" Day For NFL Players

The heart of the matter. (HT Yahoo Sports)

Pictured above are the cleats and gloves that Chicago Bears Linebacker Lance Briggs will wear in the season opener on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. Other players are following suit.

However the NFL may have an issue with this and may levy fines to those who wear the patriotic apparel. From Yahoo Sports:

Players expressed confusion over why the NFL would deny them the chance to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by wearing different cleats when the league provides pink apparel (including shoes) to be worn by teams to promote breast cancer awareness each October.

I have to side with the players on this one. You provide pink apparel for them to wear for the entire month of October, but you won't let them wear the red, white, and blue for one day in September?? Something's wrong with that picture. I agree with Doug Farrar this is "a simple and honorable gesture. Not a fineable offense."

Background Intel:

Yahoo Sports: NFL players may be fined for wearing unauthorized 9/11 tribute gear

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