Friday, January 21, 2011

Extreme Detox: UK Edition

The center of attention. (HT UK Daily Mail)

Pictured above is Tabitha Saker. When her mom found out she was about to make a drug buy, she was put under house arrest. From the UK Daily Mail:

"Julia Saker launched the last ditch bid to save 19-year-old daughter Tabitha after finding out she was as drug addict and was on her way to meet her dealer.

Mrs Saker and Tabitha's ex-boyfriend Christopher Francklin - who spotted Tabitha climbing out of a window and shoved her back into her room - tied her arms together with tape and shoved a sock in her mouth.

The pair were arrested in October last year after Tabitha dialled 999 and police heard her screaming as she was tied up and forcibly restrained.

Julia Saker was jailed for 12 months yesterday and Franklin for 18 months after Judge Adele Williams told them they had 'detained a young woman who was subjected to violence and humiliation'."

Yes, the blame can go around on this one, but I sincerely hope the family can put things back together after the jail terms have been served.

Background Intel:

UK Daily Mail: Jail for mother who bound and gagged addict teenage daughter to stop her buying drugs

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