Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Chuck-E-Cheese Walk Off

Where mischief happens. (HT

Looks like another case of mischief at a Chuck E. Cheese's has occured, this time in Skokie, IL where an alleged dine and dash took place. From

"The woman and approximately 15 children and a few adults came into the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in the 7100 block of Carpenter Road on Saturday and had a birthday celebration that included pizza, party favors, balloons and drinks, the report said.

When the woman was given a bill for $65.68 she refused to pay it, saying that it was too much, said the report. When the restaurant manager told the woman police would be called, she told the manager that she did not care and said “the police wouldn’t do anything.”

$65.68 for 15 kids and a couple of adults comes out to under $4 a person. Very inexpensive. Most people would gladly pay that. If she's caught on camera, look for the cops to arrest & charge her with theft of services.

Background Intel: (Thanks TD for the Title!) ‘Dine and Dash’ at Chuck E. Cheese alleged

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