Saturday, January 1, 2011

Victoria's Secret Model Says No To Average Joes

Come down from your pedestal Jess. (HT

Pictured above is Victoria's Secret Model Jess Hart. She won't give average joes the time of Day. The proof is from

"In an interview with gossip website Popeater, Hart lays down do's and dont's for regular guys contemplating making a move on glamazons like herself.

In brief, the gap-toothed Australian beauty warns ordinary guys everywhere -- stay away.

Spy a stunning model in a bar and thinking about trying your chances?

"Don't," the Sports Illustrated cover girl commands.

The beautiful aren’t interested in the bold, according to Hart.

"If you see me, or another model, in a bar wait until you are spoken too before you speak,” she orders.

The 24-year-old declares that if any of the clothes horses fancy a guy, they’ll be the ones doing the wooing.

“If we are interested in you we will make the first move," she says.

Gentlemen, how many times have you seen a hot model-type woman with an average (or worse) looking guy? Enough times to know that no woman is out of your league. Arrogant women like this, however, don't qualify to be in any man's league.

Background Intel: Victoria's Secret Model: Ordinary Guys Don't Have a Chance to Get a Date With Us

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