Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homeowner's Revenge On Shovel Thief Goes Viral

The Avenger. (HT CBSChicago.com)

The latest YouTube sensation features a man who avenged himself against a woman who took his shovel during the major Chicago blizzard. From CBSChicago.com:

"First, somebody took his snow shovel. In a video that he’s pieced together, you can see a woman out walking her dog outside, checking out her snow-covered car. She quickly grabs a snow shovel off (David) Welles’ front porch, then goes back to her car to shovel it out.

All well and good, Welles says, but then she disappeared with the shovel.

It was payback time.

So, he covered her car in snow with his snow blower. Welles says it was not his intent to harm her vehicle, just make it difficult for her to extricate it.

Nearly 200,000 have viewed the video he posted online. To some, he’s a hero; to others, a villain.

“People are telling me I should have broken her windows or slashed her tires,” Welles told CBS 2′s Mike Parker. “All I did was blow snow on her car.”

“Some people think it’s one of the most heinous things they’ve ever seen,” he said.

From where I sit, she got what she deserved. Americans on average are photographed or vidotaped dozens of times a day. It just proves when you think noboby's watching, somebody usually is.

Background Intel:

CBSChicago.com: Caught On Tape: Homeowner Exacts Revenge On Snow Shovel Thief

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