Monday, February 28, 2011

Sex Ed 201

Relationships. (HT The Local)

Sex can be a difficult topic for parents to discuss with their kids, especially when they're forced to do it by the school system. One class in Sweden takes it to another level. From The Local:

"A class of grade eight students in southern Sweden was asked to write essays about their sexual fantasies and experiences for a school assignment.

"Just the thought that a teacher would sit and ask about their sexual fantasies makes me sick," one parent told the local Ystads Allehanda newspaper.

The comments came after a class consisting primarily of 14-year-old students from the Kastanje school in Tomelilla received a rather unusual writing assignment for their Swedish lesson.

Entitled "The First Time" (Första gången), the assignment instructed students to imagine they were talking to a close friend and write about the past sexual escapades they might divulge in confidence.

Other options included making up a story about their first sexual experience, writing about the first time they had sex or how they hoped their first time would be.

Getting high marks required writing at least a half page and with "passion," according to the parent. The assignment made several students so uncomfortable, they told their parents about the request to write sexually themed essays.

"Can they really do this? As a parent, it doesn't feel right and it irritates me that we're talking about a graded assignment in a Swedish-language lesson," said the parent, who wished to remain anonymous.

A teacher from the school expressed surprise that the assignment had upset parents, claiming that most students appreciated the exercise, which was part of a cooperative effort between the biology, sex and well being, and Swedish-language departments."

So a teacher is surprised that some parents would be ticked off about their attempt to create a free love Woodstock moment? Not to mention usurping parental authority, which school systems love to do at every opportunity. This is the one topic that the education system should leave it up to the parents to decide when it's best for the kids to learn about a subject.

Background Intel:

The Local: Outrage over Swedish teens' sex dream essays

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