Sunday, February 27, 2011

The War On Boys At School: Ritalin & ADHD

How radical feminists think. (HT Facebook)

As you may be aware, diagnoses of ADHD and ritalin prescriptions are fairly common. What's not so well known is that the majority of these diagnoses and prescriptions are for boys. From

"There's also this: although, in Australia as elsewhere, the male-to-female ADHD ratio is 2.45:1, Ritalin rates are 5:1. Diagnosis is more than twice as likely in boys, and medication more than twice as likely again."

Well if girls are the standard of behavior, boys will never reach it. The feminization of education and society at large has led to the emasculation of males starting at a very young age. If boys see men being devalued, why would they ever want to grow up?

Background Intel: Sedation nation the cost of taking boisterous out of boys

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