Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 11-17-12

Life's a Beach. (HT

News articles:

Yahoo News
How Hungry Girl shed the pounds without guilt
Will Hostess Join These 10 Beloved Brands Gone Forever?
Women describe circumstances that led to abortion

Danger and Play
Should You Disown Your Family?

Role Reboot
Why I'm Jealous Of All My Friends Who Are Getting Married
Mandatory Monogamy Doesn't Work
I Gave Condoms To My Kids And Their Friends And No One Ever Got Pregnant

UK Sun
Porn again Christian

UK Daily Mail
Fury of son, 10, at 'evil' middle-class mother who shaved his head, put him in a wheelchair and said he had cancer so she could pocket £85,000 benefits
Sex on the first date? No thanks, say MEN: Women are now happier to jump into bed with a new partner than men are
WNBA star 'who shot at ex-girlfriend's car and smashed it with a baseball bat has a history of depression and suicide attempts'

UK Guardian
Lucy Mangan: the NHS, a cautionary tale

Good Reads
Quote By Milton Friedman

XO Jane
It Happened To Me: I Dropped Out Of High School And Got Married At 17

And That's Why You're Single
READER RANT: What Do You Mean Women Over 35 Should Settle?
Where Are All The Rich Well-Educated Men?

Return of Kings
What A Girl’s Haircut Says About Her

PJ Media
Manning Up or Wimping Out: Men Don’t Exist to Serve Women’s Desires

CBS News
Cops: Ariz. woman runs over husband for not voting

NBC Chicago
Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business, CEO Blames Union Strike

Menz Issues
Jobs for the Girls
Atlantic Coast High School teacher arrested for having sex with student
Teacher from Port St. Lucie accused of having sex with 16-year-old boy


The Rational Male
Glitches in the Matrix
Case Study – Inspire Her

Chateau Heartiste
Petraeus And The Infidelity Risk Curve
Comment Of The Week: The Dark Triad In Practice
Marriage Is No Escape From The Sexual Market

Two Types Of Night Game To Run On American Girls
7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self
The United States Of Broken Women

Bold And Determined
Serge Nubret’s Old School Workout Routine
Live Like a Spartan

Hussygate, a manosphere special
If Mark Driscoll weren’t so foolish he would be wise

Hawaiian Libertarian
The Path to Mastery
On the Juice

Captain No Marriage
S*** Married Guys NEVER Say!
Single Mothers

Matt Forney
Military Wives Aren’t Just Cheating Whores, They’re Stupid Cheating Whores
The Decisions of Modern Women

The Spearhead
The Missing Ingredient to Women’s Happiness
David Brooks: Reversing Decline of Family Requires More Government Intervention
The Great P***y Purge of 2012

3rd Millenium Men
Top 10 Posts For Single Women
Receiving Love and Hate From Women and Men
How Women Should Act in Dating

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