Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Evening Linkage 11-3-12

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News articles:

Intentional By Grace
10 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Husband

Yahoo News
7 ways to get kicked off a plane
Parents Attack Daughter With Acid
'What can I do?': New Yorkers seek ways to help

Danger And Play
Top 10 Tips: How to Save Big Money on Men’s Fashion and Men’s Clothing

Role Reboot
What I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Married...Twice
Is Chivalry Sexist?
How One Couple Is Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse

UK Sun
Nurses at Priory ‘hit sick man’

UK Daily Mail
250 girls under 16 given bigger breasts on NHS at cost of £5,000 a time
Britain's most messed-up family: When Mark donated sperm to Mandy he claims he never promised to be Daddy - but now the couple are in a bitter legal battle over child support
A husband confesses: 'Seeing my wife give birth put me off sex for a YEAR!'
GP who said Marks & Spencer's 'overweight' real women are promoting obesity is utterly wrong, says MP Caroline Nokes

UK Guardian
Come inside: the world's biggest sperm bank
Stop calling Sandy a b***h: it was a storm, not a woman to hate

XO Jane
The Trouble With Being A Sugar Mama

Study: Men's Porn Habits Hurt Women's Self-Esteem

Charleston Gazette
Lawyer stripped of license for beating client with bat

The Smoking Gun
Woman, 29, Arrested After Being Spotted Masturbating Inside A Starbucks In Florida

Wisconsin State Journal
Man 'crazy in love,' broke into apartment for woman's bras, panties, complaint says

NY Daily News
Ooh, la la! Artist creates Louis Vuitton waffle iron

Daughter calls 911 on drunk Vernon mom

Bad Jocks
Blog: Mississippi State Freshman Cheerleader Has Already Appeared in Playboy – Taylor Corley


The Rational Male
The Fade Away
Mate Guarding
Case Study – Adam’s Lament
The Soul Mate Myth

Chateau Heartiste
The Necessity Of Relationship Game
How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself
Latest Baumeister Paper Supports CH Concept Of The Sexual Market

The Point Of Diminishing Return
Say Hello To My New Friend
Women Who Own iPhones Lose The Ability To Love

Bold And Determined
Live Like a Spartan : Intermittent Fasting
How to BE Without Remorse or Apologies
Obsession is the Only Thing That Counts

Baby mama drama
Is his wife abusive?
“The one” vs “my one and only”
Advice to a woman in her 30s looking to marry.

Hawaiian Libertarian
A Salute to Conventional Wisdom

Captain No Marriage
Avoid Marriage! Great Advice for Gays Too!!
Financial Hail Mary

Matt Forney
Georgia Democrats Want to Stop You from Getting a Vasectomy
Knowing the Path vs. Walking the Path
The Silent Majority of Abused, Dispossessed and Alienated Men
No Tears for Dead Sluts; or, Why I Have No Sympathy for Felicia Garcia

The Spearhead
After 25, Women Are Just Wasting Time
Feminism as Ideological Childishness
How Can Christians Avoid Divorce?

3rd Millenium Men
Setting the Scene and Cedo Nulli on How Girls Fuck Up – A Post For Women and Words of Advice on Dating (Part 1)
Flake on Girls Week (Men of the Manosphere Unite) & A Post For Women and Words of Advice on Dating (Part 2)
Personal Example of Women Being Great… And Where This All Ends – A Post For Women and Words of Advice on Dating (Part 3)

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