Monday, June 28, 2010

Feminarcissists Play DV Card To Promote Illegal Immigration

In a follow up to the post More Feminarcissist Lunacy, pictured above is Irasema Garza of Legal Momentum. Their group is pushing for legislation to protect "immigrant" women.

From the Women's Media Center:

"Women immigrants in the United States are a positive force in their communities. Rather than criminalizing them, argues the author, we must let them take care of their families."

This omits the very important detail that they're illegal. Illegal immigrants aren't a positive force, quite the opposite. They should take care of their families in their home country, or immigrate legally and do it here.

This bears repeating: Liberals are liberals first. In this case, it's a liberal feminist playing the DV card to promote illegal immigration. I say go Arizona!!

Background Intel:

Women's Media Center: EXCLUSIVE Women Need Immigration Reform: What You Can Do About It

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