Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Misandry Files

The Feminarcissists Dream: A World Without Men. (HT John Ritter):

As you know father's Day is this Sunday. If radical feminists had their way, this would be wiped off the calendar because it celebrates the evil patriarchy.

The Atlanitc is one of many publications that glamourize single moms to wit:

"single moms tend to be more involved, set more rules, communicate better, and feel closer to their children than single dads. They have less difficulty monitoring their children’s whereabouts, friendships, and school progress. Their children do better on standardized tests and have higher grades, and teenagers of single moms are actually less likely to engage in delinquent behavior or substance abuse than those of single dads. Go, Murphy Brown."

This in spite of numerous studies that show that fatherless children are more likely to abuse drugs or fail academically. You don't want the fathers around, yet you want the child support. Are we just being a little hypocritical here?? Newsflash: It takes nore to raise a child that money. It also takes parental prescence, from Mothers AND Fathers.

Fathers are a valuable commodity, I've seen firsthand that the kids who have fathers in their lives are envied by the ones who don't. That's how a lot of mess gets started in school today.

Background Intel:

The Atlantic: Are Fathers Necessary?

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