Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Dubious Anniversary: The Bobbitts

The picture above marks a very infamous anniversary. From the False Rape Society:

"The mutilation of John Wayne Bobbitt by his wife, Lorena, on June 23, 1993, marks one of the most appalling and reprehensible chapters in modern Western gender relations. The story is well known: Lorena Bobbitt said her husband abused her over a prolonged period of time and that, on the night in question, he raped her. In a moment of what she claimed was temporary insanity, while her husband slept, she went to the kitchen of their apartment, grabbed a knife, returned to the bedroom, and proceeded to cut off most of his penis. She then hopped in her car, penis in hand, and drove away. As she sped by a field, she tossed the severed appendage out the window. The organ was later recovered and, miraculously, reattached to its owner.

The Bobbitt affair was appalling and reprehensible, and not merely because of the gruesome act of mayhem that defined it. It was all the more despicable because of the unspeakable glee, the unbridled delight, and the inexplicable exultation expressed by feminists and large segments of the female population, who luxuriated in the vile mutilation of some lower class nobody, a man who had difficulty holding onto a job as a manual laborer. Feminists regarded the event as both a watershed moment in the battle of the sexes and a justifiable assault on maleness itself.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, with de rigueur, mindless, knee jerk fidelity, women's organizations branded the perpetrator "the victim" and the victim "the perpetrator" strictly along gender lines, even though the alleged rape was "he said/she said," and even though there was no question that she mutilated him while he slept. This wasn't just a rush to judgment; it was a 60-meter sprint, completed in record time. Before a single scrap of evidence was considered by a jury, for feminists and many women, the trial was over even before it had begun. They arrogated to any woman the right to exact the most gruesome vigilante justice on any "member" of any member of the opposite sex. The Bobbitt affair was feminist stardust wishfulness come true."

This event really opened my eyes to the dark side of the female nature. I wonder if the roles were reversed, and John did a clitorecteme on Lorena, what would these shrieking harpies do? Call for the chair, the gas chamber, or the firing squad. Their worldview is Women Good, Men Bad. In 2010, The attitudes from the clitorati have in many instances grown all the more extreme. Yet they can't figure out why many decent men are saying no to marriage and kids. Very sad indeed. Read the whole story to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Background Intel:

The False Rape Society: This date in history: Lorena Bobbitt sliced off her husband's penis and exposed the politics of hate

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