Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Kindness Of Hooters Girls

Hooters Waitresses. (HT Washington Times):

You can't say Hooters Girls don't give back. From the Washington Times:

Some 15,000 Hooters waitresses in 44 states are "voluntarily donating their torn pantyhose in an effort to help absorb the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico. The laundered pantyhose are used to make containment booms which are stuffed with hair, fur and fleece to absorb the oil. Hooters expects to collect over 100,000 pairs of pantyhose through this effort, which could ultimately absorb 1 million gallons of oil in the Gulf, if the booms are reused 8 times, the average life of a boom."

They're helping to Save the Gulf. Aren't they just special??

Background Material:

Washington Times: Inside the Beltway

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