Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something You Won't Hear About: The Male Birth Control Pill

Women have had a pill for 50 years. Now it's our turn.

You read it right: there's a male birth control drug on the market. From

"Ten years ago a drug called Nofirtill was introduced for testing in Brazil and was purported to be 95% effective, have very little side effects and completely reversible. In China and France men have enjoyed the option of hormone treatments rendering them temporarily infertile for years now. In the U.S. and U.K. there are studies being conducted as I write this that hold tremendous promise for the male pill."

A real eye opener isn't it? Here's the Kicker: besides the drug companies: do you know who's leadung the fight to block it? you guessed it, women and women’s advocacy groups.

Here's the Deal: the UK Daily Mail’s article, “Of Course Women Don’t Want a Male Pill- It Would End All of Those ‘Happy Accidents” illustrates perfectly and unabashedly the REAL reason that so many women and woman’s advocacy groups demonstrate a fierce resistance to the male pill. That reason not being they are afraid that we will lie or forget, as if women never do those things, rather, it is the fear that we will actually use it.

More From

"Contrary to popular belief there is no evidence of any real long term or broad opposition to the female birth control pill after its introduction. The pill was, in spite of anything you might hear from feminists, handed to women on a silver platter and the development for the male equivalent was simply left in the doldrums. Just what will it take for men to assert control of their own reproductive processes?

A fight.

Yup, you heard me right! There are too many agencies and interests representing the female gender’s total control over reproduction for their not to be a fight over it. Whenever a woman says “you men have birth control it’s called a condom” or “keep it in your pants” or “just get a vasectomy” the response should be equivalent to the cynical and bigoted verbal spit in the face that that statement is. I would suggest this: “Shut your mouth and any other orifice on your body that causes trouble woman! Oh, and while you’re at it go make me a birth control sandwich.”

Men also need to get vocal as a group concerning the male birth control pill. Writing pharmaceutical companies and encouraging them to develop an internal male fertility control method is a good start. Most importantly though, we absolutely must wrestle the male fertility control debate out of the hands of women and take ownership of it.

This may sound extreme to exclude women, but they are free to support the idea if they want. They should not feel free to oppose it. The male pill is about men, not women, not children, not the government……MEN and MEN alone.

Gentlemen, let us get busy and start doing something about this."

Men, read the articles below, be enlightened, then get involved.

Background Intel: The Real Reason We Do Not Have a Male Pill
UK Daily Mail: Of Course Women Don’t Want a Male Pill- It Would End All of Those ‘Happy Accidents

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