Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alabama Saying No To Teacher-Student Sex

Alabama. Cracking down on Teacher-Student sex. (HT

Looks like the State of Alabama has had enough of teacher sex scandals. From

"Before July 1, if the sex was consensual and the student was over 16 — the age of consent in Alabama — no crime was committed. But a law that went into effect this month makes sexual contact between a school employee and a student under 19 a felony, regardless of whether it was consensual or not.

The law also provides a misdemeanor charge for any contact short of sexual intercourse. This contact refers to any touching of the sexual or intimate parts of a student’s body and includes soliciting or harassing a student to perform a sexual act.

The law doesn’t apply to just teachers. School administrators, student teachers, safety or resource officers, coaches and other school employees are also obligated to adhere to this law."

Will this stem the tide of teacher student nooky, or will they double their efforts to keep it on the down low? Stay tuned.

Background Intel: Alabama toughens law on sex between educators, students

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