Sunday, July 18, 2010

From The Naughty Teachers Files

The latest Naughty Teacher. (HT

Pictured above is Taryn Fairbanks. She's reportedly being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old male student during a party at his home when his parents were out of town. What makes this story unique are court records related to the case. From

"Court records in Nevada reportedly indicate that last year, Taryn Fairbanks, then known as Taryn Stermer, married a man who graduated from Kentlake High School in 2003 while she was a teacher at the school.

Because both were adults when they married and because Fairbanks’ estranged husband, who is now 24, was no longer a student at the school, there were are no allegations of misconduct.

Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman Teresa Wippel said the district was unaware Fairbanks had married a former student."

Must be a "Don't ask don't tell" policy in place. I don't know how else they could have missed that.

Background Intel:

BadBadTeacher: Taryn Fairbanks

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