Friday, July 30, 2010

Feminarcissist: Why I Love Chivalrous Guidos & Women Hitting Men Is Allowed

What men must steer clear. (HT Exposing Feminism)

Another Feminarcissist has revealed her true desires for the world to see. From The Frisky:

"I have a confession to make. I love the male cast members of MTV’s now media-saturated hit, “Jersey Shore.” I want to rub my hands over The Situation‘s abs and my fingers through Pauly D‘s hair. I want to giggle at nothing with Ronnie and hold Vinny’s hand as we stroll down the boardwalk. Ladies, listen up: guidos are catches!

I am anything but a mainstream dater. I’ve always secretly loved juiceheads, and been loved by them. Why? Because at their core, they are (Sammi?) sweethearts. Guidos operate on a code of chivalry, and I am a pro-chivalry feminist. After being shoved out of the way by businessmen for subway seats when I lived in Tokyo and being asked to buy my own drinks in New York for the past five years, I am hungry for guidos who place a high value on treating women like women. (More like a divine goddess. She's holding back.)

Hitting women is another thing—not allowed, a serious blow to the cultural code which is what made the fact that someone punched Snooki that much more shocking.

But women hitting men? That’s allowed. Are the women of the “Jersey Shore” feminists for fighting and physically demanding more of their men? Interestingly, J-Woww punched The Situation for not walking her home like a gentleman, when she obviously could defend herself. But the rule of protection still lives with guidos, and Mike violated that code. After being put in a cab after too many bad dates to remember, I’d take an old-school guido over a hipster any day."

So basically you want to be put on a pedastal and worshipped by a eunuch. Don't worry sweethart, there are plenty of those to make you happy.

Background Intel:

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