Thursday, July 22, 2010

UN Creates Potential Billion Dollar Feminarcissist Agency

Now more than ever. (HT Exposing Feminism):

It's a major coup for Feminarcissist groups, and a loss for men and women who are really suffering everywhere. About three weeks ago the UN General Assembly voted to consolidate four separate United Nations (UN) bodies dedicated to women’s issues into one new gender equality entity called “UN Women.” The resolution capped a victory for radical feminists who lobbied for years for the new entity and is the latest in an overall push to bring women’s issues even more onto the UN agenda.


"The Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) campaign, a coalition of radical feminist groups and abortion advocates, has relentlessly lobbied to create a UN super-agency to deal with women’s issues. Charlotte Bunch, executive director of the Centre for Women's Global Leadership and the leading advocate of the GEAR campaign, said, “We have high expectations for this new agency [...] The coalition of women’s groups and other social justice, human rights and development organizations that played a pivotal role in this effort will now turn its efforts toward ensuring that the new body has the human and financial resources necessary to succeed.”

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women of America, told the Friday Fax, "Women need respect and opportunity, not a global agency demanding money and power for its well-heeled elitist leaders. The money would be better spent going directly to the areas and people in need with programs that have proven to work, not to another agency to empower the people who run it."

Wendy Wright nails it. This is only about empowering Charlotte Bunch and others in her elitist clique, and enslaving as many of those who aren't, especially men. Socialists are socialists first, foremost, and always. Never forget that.

Background Intel: UN Creates What May Become a Billion Dollar Agency for Radical Feminism

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