Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Land Of Misandry??

Could the Land of Lincoln be the Land of Misandry??

What can happen to someone (read:men)in Illinois if they don't pay child support? O let me count the ways. From KYZ Law P.C.:

Those that do not pay support, even if one payment is missed, may face severe punishments. The bullet points are as follows:

suspend an IL driver’s license
impound a vehicle;
suspend or deny you a passport;
intercept tax refunds;
tapping into retirement or pension plans;
suspend or revoke an IL professional license or occupational certificate;
denial of hunting and fishing licenses;
intercepting lottery winnings;
private collection agencies;
consumer reporting and publication of deadbeat parents.

The powers that be also don't hesitate using operations to ruond up several men at a time,ironically around Father's day. In this case Illinois puts feminarcissists in a happy state.

Background Intel (Thanks TD For the link!):

KYZ Law: What Will Happen If You Don’t Pay Child Support?

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