Saturday, July 24, 2010

Women Cheaters & The Men-Do-Everthing-Wrong Card

Not buyin' it, St. Slutty. (HT The Stir)

Time to slaughter some feminarcissist sacred cows. The subject: Cheating. From the Stir, written by a woman:

"How is anyone supposed to have a healthy relationship when we have this idiotic, self-serving bias that makes women out to be saints and men to be losers no matter what they do -- even if they cheat?

An article on Why Women Cheat is just one more version of the tired old trope: When men cheat, it’s because they do everything wrong. And when women cheat ... it’s because men do everything wrong.

Oh, and by the way? I call BS. Everybody likes sex. Everybody feels emotionally isolated sometimes. We cheat for all sorts of reasons, good and bad. But some kind of innate gender-based approach to sex is not one of them.

The experts cited to support this well-loved but full-of-holes theory say things like, “[Women] are on a sinking ship and use [an affair] as a life raft because they don’t want to just jump into the cold water!” Oh, noble, noble women -- it’s not that you’re just as irresponsible as your male counterparts! It’s that you’re looking to make sure your children are cared for after you leave your marriage, because evolution told you so!

Bottom line is -- one huge wrong doesn’t make the other person 100 percent right. And you don’t get to hold up your uterus as some magical beacon of goodness. Because that’s as reductive and sexist as everything else we feminists have been fighting. A’ight? Rant over."

I love when a woman gets it. Very refreshing.

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