Thursday, July 22, 2010

LiLo Gets Red Carpet Treatment In Jail

Celebrity has its privileges. (HT NY Post)

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is under protective custody behind bars. From the NY Post:

"Jailers bent the rules for Lindsay Lohan yesterday, allowing a long visit from her mom and little sister -- further infuriating inmates angry at the special treatment she's receiving.

"At every county jail, the command staff can alter visiting depending on safety concerns," sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

The special visit surely ticked off inmates, already grumbling that Lohan was getting kid-glove treatment at the expense of everyone else.

"Every time she walks [out of her cell], they put us, the whole jail, on lockdown," said Nicole Holmes, 23, who was released yesterday after two weeks.

But Lohan's special treatment had its limits -- Britain's Daily Mirror said the starlet burst into tears after prison officials ripped out her hair extensions and forced her to remove her fake eyelashes."

I guess they had to do something to let her know she was in jail. Way to show tough love guys.

Background Intel:

NY Post: Ma visits Lohan as cons fume

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